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New Game Mode In Overwatch: What Is The New Mystery Deathmatch Mode?

There is a new game mode in Overwatch, according to a post over at r/Overwatch. The new game mode is called Mystery Deathmatch, and it will be playable in Arcade Mode for at least the next week. Here’s a guide on what exactly the new Overwatch game mode is, and how you can do well in it.

New Game Mode In Overwatch: What Is The New Mystery Deathmatch Game Mode?

The Reddit post that highlighted the new game mode described it as a hybrid between the Mystery Heroes and Free For All game modes. This means that it’s a game mode for eight players, who are all competing against each other. When a player dies, they respawn as a random hero. Committing suicide does not allow the player to change heroes, and Ultimate charge is reset with every death.

The new game mode is this week’s featured game mode, which means that players will get a loot box for their first victory, and can earn up to three more if they win nine games. Here’s how to do well in Mystery Deathmatch.

New Game Mode In Overwatch: How To Win Mystery Deathmatch

Free For All is a lot easier to win than people seem to realize. By refraining from a few common mistakes, players can easily win a lot of games, even if they aren’t particularly great players. Here are three simple tips to win Mystery Deathmatch.

  • If you spawn as someone you aren’t good with, allow someone to kill you. Giving one of seven other players a single elimination is far better than wasting time on a hero you can’t perform with.
  • Only shoot people you can kill. Otherwise, you’re dealing damage that somebody else can follow up on. Only final blows count towards your score.
  • Play it safe if you’re coming up to your Ultimate. Ultimates are rare in regular Free For All, so they’re going to be even more rare when players only have a single life to generate them. If you can get two kills out of your Ultimate, you’ll also reset two other players’ Ultimate percentages, as they’ll be forced to spawn as a new hero.

Following the above rules will help you immensely, earning you lots of XP and some free loot boxes to boot.