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Overwatch Hero 29: Who Is Hero 29 In Overwatch?

The latest hero to be added to the Overwatch roster was launched way back in July. Wrecking Ball, who was Hero 28, has quickly established himself as a fan-favorite in the popular Blizzard video game, but players are still excited to find out who Overwatch Hero 29 will be. Brigitte Lindholm was always a hero fans wanted to see in-game, but nobody expected her to come as early as she did when she was announced as Hero 27. Therefore, people aren’t sure what to expect in relation to Hero 29, who will likely be announced at BlizzCon 2018. So, who will Overwatch Hero 29 be?

Overwatch Hero 29: Who Is Hero 29 In Overwatch?

There are a few characters from the lore who could definitely be added to Overwatch as Hero 29. The following three characters are likely to be added at some point, and could therefore appear as Hero 29:

Overwatch Hero 29: Maximilien

Maximilien is an omnic who runs a casino in Monaco. He is also a member of Talon’s Inner Council, and appears in the Masquerade comic. He is an acquaintance of Doomfist. It is likely that he would be a DPS character if he was added to the game—one who relies on their intellect in order to incapacitate others. Even if he isn’t Hero 29, there is a strong chance he will be added to the game at some point.

Overwatch Hero 29: Junker Queen

The Queen of Junkertown is the Queen of the Junkers in Australia’s Outback. She has been a fan-favorite for a very long time, and would likely be either a tank or DPS hero if she was added to the roster. Formerly the Gladiator Champion of Junkertown, her playstyle would probably resemble Brigitte’s, but it would likely be more aggressive. A recent Reddit post mentions that Junker Queen was actually teased at San Diego Comic Con 2018.

Overwatch Hero 29: Athena

Athena is a character that people have wanted to see in-game for a long time. Although this would be interesting, the two previous characters are far more likely to be added, as Athena voices the pre-game countdown, and adding her to the game with this alraedy being established wouldn’t make much sense.

It is also likely that Hero 29 could be a brand new character, as Blizzard doesn’t have to add someone who is already in the lore. However, it really seems that the most likely character to be added to Overwatch as Hero 29 is definitely Junker Queen.