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Kecleon Pokemon Go: Where To Find Kecleon in Pokemon Go

Kecleon Pokemon Go and where to find Kecleon in Pokemon Go are both solid questions (if you can call the former a question), and there’s a good reason why they’re still being asked as we approach the year anniversary of Gen 3 Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Many of us are still attempting to finish the Hoenn region Pokemon Go Pokedex list before the inevitable release of Gen 4. We don’t know exactly when that will be, but a milestone anniversary like this could be a clear indication. Kecleon comes from the Gen 3 games and is thus essential when it comes to completing the Pokemon Go Pokedex list. So why are some of us finding it so difficult to track down Kecleon Pokemon Go?

Kecleon Pokemon Go: Where To Find Kecleon in Pokemon Go

Don’t think it’s just you struggling to find Kecleon Pokemon Go. We’re all feeling the pain. It isn’t because Kecleon follows the rules of the main Pokemon games in that it needs a Devon Scope to be seen, but that it just simply hasn’t been made available yet.

Just like Ditto during the early days, or Unown shortly after, Kecleon is a Pokemon that just isn’t obtainable in Pokemon Go. For now, at least. Battle simulations based on current meta data suggest Kecleon will serve no more purpose than a dex filler when it is released. But if Niantic manages to incorporate the Pokemon’s original ability, in which its Type becomes the same as the last attack to hit it, Kecleon could prove useful in raids for lower leveled players hoping to stay alive while their group deals with the true target. It’s wishful thinking, but we’ll be glad to see Kecleon Pokemon Go whether it can reliably fight or not. After all, we’ll need it to complete the latest Pokemon Go Pokedex list.

So when should we expect Kecleon to make it into the game? We honestly have nothing to report here. There’s a chance Niantic could cast Kecleon’s camouflage power in a spooky light and toss it in with this year’s Halloween event, but with the Gen 2 Pokemon, Smeargle, still yet to be added, we really don’t know what Niantic has up its sleeve.