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FIFA 19 Division Rivals: Rewards, Weekend League Changes, and More

FIFA 19 is right around the corner. Alongside adding in new officially licensed Champions League content, new shooting mechanics, and a whole host of other small gameplay tweaks, FIFA Ultimate Team has seen some changes. The biggest single addition to FIFA 19 Ultimate Team is a new mode named Division Rivals. What is FIFA 19 Division Rivals? Of course, the starry-eyed among you will want to know about Division Rivals rewards and the Weekend League changes, too. Everything, and more, is answered below.

FIFA 19 Division Rivals: What is the New FIFA 19 FUT Mode?

Division Rivals is a brand-new mode that forms part of FIFA 19’s Ultimate Team package. According to the official website, the mode has you “compete against others in your Division to earn a selection of weekly rewards to choose from that can help you improve your squad.” You’ll be playing against other players at a similar skill level to your own. We’ll be paired with local players, too, to ensure as strong a connection as possible. To decide your ranking, you’ll have to play five placement matches.

Upon completing these matches, you’ll be awarded a skill ranking, which will place you in a set Division. If you keep winning, your skill rating will rise, and so too will your Division. There are ten Divisions in total, and five ranks within each Division. There is no limit to how many games you can play in a week, unlike in Squad Battles. Also, you’ll be playing games against other players online, rather than AI controlled FUT squads as in Squad Battles.

FIFA 19 Division Rivals: What Rewards Can we Earn?

Division Rivals is a weekly competition. Depending on results, you will be awarded a rank within your Division at the end of each week. You’ll earn rewards based on what ranking and Division you finish the week in. Of course, the higher your rank, the better the rewards. You’ll be given a choice of rewards based on where you finish, but the likes of Player Packs, mixed Ultimate Team card packs and coins will all be available. Division Rivals, too, is the only way to qualify for the FUT Weekend League.

FIFA 19 Division Rivals Rewards

Every week in Division Rivals you’ll be challenging for qualification to enter the Weekend League and to earn rewards. As stated above, the rewards will differ slightly every week, but will largely remain the same throughout the year. You’ll be playing for Player Packs, mixed Packs and Coins. What’s more, depending on our rank, we’ll be choosing what rewards we earn. As far as we know, the weekly rewards will change depending on your rank within your Division, rather than being awarded based on your Division. The full list of rewards that will be available for the first week of Division Rivals (at least) is as follows:

  • Rank V: Gold Pack (Untradeable)
  • Rank IV: 1000 coins and Premium Gold Pack
  • Rank III Option One: 4 Gold Packs (Untradeable); 2 Prime Mixed Players Pack (Untradeable)
  • Rank III Option Two: 2 Gold Packs; 1 Prime Mixed Players Pack
  • Rank III Option Three: 15,000 Coins
  • Rank II Option One: 20,000 Coins
  • Rank II Option Two: 4 Mixed Players Packs (Untradeable)
  • Rank II Option Three: Prime Mixed Players Pack
  • Rank I Option One: 20 FUT Champs Points; Small Prime Gold Players Pack; 2 Mixed Players Packs
  • Rank I Option Two: 20 FUT Champs Points; 28,000 Coins
  • Rank I Option Three: 20 FUT Champs Points: 4 Mixed Players Pack (Untradeable); 2 Prime Mixed Players Pack (Untradeable)

It’s yet to be confirmed whether or not the rewards will change depending on your Division and rank within it, but for now, those are the rewards we’ll be playing for during the first week of Division Rivals.

FIFA 19 Division Rivals: How to Qualify for Weekend League

Every game you win in Division Rivals will earn you points towards qualifying for the new Weekend League. According to the official website, “when you have earned enough points, you can redeem them to enter the current Weekend League, or hold onto them to use for future qualification.”The higher your Division, the more points you’ll win per win.”

Changes have been made to re-qualification rules, too. Now, you’ll earn points per Weekend League win that you can use to enter future Weekend League competitions as well as the points earned from Division Rivals.

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