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Pokemon Go October Community Day: What Pokemon Has A Community Day?

The details for the Pokemon Go October Community Day have been leaked online. With the Chikorita Community Day happening this weekend, people already expected October’s Community Day to feature a rare, non-starter Pokemon with three evolution tiers. This is because the Community Days seem to be alternating between starter Pokemon, and rare, powerful Pokemon like Tyranitar and Ampharos. It seems that people were right.

Pokemon Go October Community Day: What Pokemon Has A Community Day?

According to a Reddit Post by Dronpes, who is one of the moderators for r/TheSilphRoad, the October Community Day will be for Beldum. Beldum is a Gen 3 Pokemon who evolves into Metang, and then into the powerful Metagross. Metagross is a devastatingly powerful Pokemon, despite its problematic Psychic/Steel typing, and it seems that players who have struggled to get one so far will be in luck next month.

In relation to whether or not the leak is trustworthy, Dronpes had the following to say:

“The URL base is one of Niantic’s Google Cloud storage folders where they host graphic assets on their website. You can find other ‘live’ assets of theirs from this directory (confirming their control of the directory) if you inspect the page source of various pages on the domain.”

He went on to say, “Green light to get on the leak hype train, travelers… This is verified!”

Therefore, it can be assumed that Beldum will in fact be the Community Day Pokemon for October 2018. It is likely that Beldum will be followed by either Totodile or Cyndaquil in November, and December will likely feature Bagon, the first form of the powerful Salamence. The final Gen 2 starter will get its Community Day in January. Until then, you can stock up on Beldums for the next month, in the hope that you’ll be able to net yourself a shiny Meteor Mash-Metagross.

October’s Community Day will likely fall on Sunday, October 21, 2018.