Box art - Devil May Cry 5

New DMC 5 Characters List: V, Trish, Lady, and More

Devil May Cry 5 is coming ever closer to release, and with TGS 2018 we have a new trailer for the demon-slaying game. It has shown fans new and returning characters for the latest entry in the Capcom franchise. So who are the new DMC 5 characters? Let’s dig in and find out.

Who Are the New DMC 5 Characters?

Revealed to be appearing in the latest trailer are two returning and one new DMC 5 character. The first notable appearance in the video is Trish. She originally appeared in the original Devil May Cry as a demon taking on the disguise of a human woman seeking help in killing the demon king Mundus. She has made various sporadic cameos in the DMC franchise, with Devil May Cry 4 being the last time she appeared in the series.

Next to feature in the video is Lady. She was introduced in Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening where she was trying to hunt down her father Arkham to avenge her mother’s death at his hands. This freelance demon hunter was later seen in ancillary media as a supporting character to Dante. She later appeared in Devil May Cry 4 as a playable character with a brand new design.

The last of the new DMC 5 characters to be revealed in the new trailer is V. He will be the third playable character in the new game. Not much is known about this new character, except that he speaks poetically and is a new client for Dante. Capcom has added that they will “have more details on this peculiar demon hunter soon.”

In addition to all these reveals it was also revealed in the trailer that Nero will not be the only one of the DMC 5 characters to be playable. Dante has been confirmed to available to play in the game, bringing his iconic gear (and a brand new motorcycle weapon) to the fight.

You can watch the new trailer below: