Box art - Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 Digital Deluxe Edition: What is in The DMC 5 Digital Deluxe Edition?

The latest trailer from TGS 2018 not only confirmed the new characters coming to the game but that a Devil May Cry 5 Digital Deluxe Edition will be released as well. This exclusive version of the game will come packed with various bonuses that fans will love. Let’s find out what comes with the Devil May Cry 5 Digital Deluxe Edition.

What Are the Devil May Cry 5 Digital Deluxe Edition Bonuses?

The Devil May Cry 5 Digital Deluxe Edition will be retailing for $69.99 and will release alongside the standard edition of the game. Pre-ordering this version of the title will net you “Alt Hero” and “Alt Heroine” colors for Dante, Nero, Nico, Lady, and Trish. Additionally, you will receive a bonus 100,000 red orbs for purchasing the game early.

The exclusive bonuses for the Devil May Cry 5 Digital Deluxe Edition are far more exciting. With it, you will be able to equip Nero with a selection of special Devil Breakers. The weaponized arms included are the Mega Buster (from the Megaman franchise), the Gerbera GP01, the Pasta Breaker, and the Sweet Surrender. The Gerbera GP01 “Fires shockwaves from its five fingers, which can be controlled freely on the ground or in the air” according to the official website of the game, while the Pasta Breaker was made by Nico to make eating the Italian dish easier (except it is useless in combat), and the Sweet Surender is described as “a Devil Breaker created by Nico to relieve Kyrie’s tension.”

Also included is an alternate color scheme for Dante’s motorcycle blade weapons, a selection of Battle Music tracks from previous games, alternate voice tracks for style rank announcers and title calls, and pre-viz live-action cutscenes.

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