Ring of Elysium EU: How To Play Ring of Elysium In Europe

Ring of Elysium EU could very well be the next big battle royale title to take on giants like Fortnite and PUBG. But when it comes to how to play Ring of Elysium in Europe, things aren’t clear. The game released in North America earlier this week and already has around 42,000 players on a Friday morning, but players in Europe can’t access the game through Steam at all. Not without this handy trick, anyway.

Ring of Elysium EU: How To Play Ring of Elysium In Europe

Tencent is pretty good with last-minute decisions and leaving things as late as possible. They do it with Arena of Valor all the time. When it suggests something will happen “within 4 weeks”, expect that thing to happen at the eleventh hour. If you can’t wait that long to play Ring of Elysium EU, it’s time to break out the old VPN and trick the clumsy Steam region-detection system blocking you from playing a potentially massive new release.

To get things moving, you’ll want to find a VPN. You might have luck with a Chrome browser extension like Hola, but the process seems to go much more smoothly with a device-wide VPN. You can google for a list of popular VPN choices, but we’ll be using NordVPN as our simply because it was the first to work and incredibly easy to set up.

Follow the steps below and you should be on your way to Ring of Elysium EU goodness:

  • Sign up to a 3-day trial of NordVPN
  • Click the confirmation email sent to your inbox
  • Download and install NordVPN and log in with your details
  • Find a select the “United States” node on the map and wait for connection confirmation (check your Windows 10 notifications tab)
  • With your Steam client open and logged in, enter “steam://install/755790” into your browser URL bar
  • Confirm your installation path and hit “Install”

At this point, Ring of Elysium should begin downloading through your Steam application. You can actually disconnect from your VPN at this point to enjoy your usual internet speeds. Once downloaded, fire up your VPN again hit Play. You’ll likely see a notice asking if you’re from the SSE regions or Switzeland upon booting the game. Hit No here and you’ll be ready to play after agreeing to the game’s terms and conditions. From this point on, you can disconnect from your VPN once again.