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Fortnite 400% XP: How to Earn Fortnite Quad XP

With season fice coming to a close and season six looming ever closer, Epic Games has announced that there will be a Fortnite 400% XP  weekend very soon. This bonus is to help players grab the last stretch of battle pass tiers that they need before the end of the season. So how will you be able to earn quad XP?

How to get Fortnite 400% XP

The Fortnite 400% XP boost will be limited to this weekend only. It will be slowly trickled out to all players on September 21 and will end September 24 at 8:00 a.m. EST. This XP boost will cover all modes, so you don’t need to worry about only playing specific match types. You will know when you have received the boost in the lobby of the game, right underneath your avatar.

Fortnite 400% XP

But what would the amount of XP you get look like under the Fortnite 400% XP boost? For your first kill in a match this weekend, for example, you should get around 200 EXP. For every kill after that, until six kills, you will gain an additional 80 EXP. You should get 68 XP per minute after the first storm circle appears, until a potential cap of 283 XP. For top 20 placement, you will receive 100 XP and for top 10 placement, 400 XP. If you are skilled or lucky enough to get a victory royale, this weekend you should get a whopping 1,200 XP for your troubles.

Do not forget that for every battle star you get in the Battle Pass challenges, you get 100 XP. This means completing a 10 battle star challenge will get you 4,000 XP and a five battle star challenge will give you 2,000 XP. So if you have any challenges left over, now’s the time to mop them up, particularly with Fortnite season six on the horizon.

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