iOS 12 Parental Controls: What’s New With iOS 12?

What’s new with iOS 12 and which iOS 12 parental controls should you look into enabling on your iPhone? iOS 12 parental controls allow you to limit not only the full amount of time your child can spend looking at a screen, but which apps can be accessed and when. Though we can partially blame smartphone addiction on Apple’s popularization of the devices back in 2007, the company is doing what it can to help us limit the time we spend glued to our screens.

iOS 12 Parental Controls: What’s New With iOS 12?

So if you need iOS 12 parental controls to stop distractions while they use an educational app for schoolwork, you absolutely can. And with Game Center and it’s specific iOS 12 parental controls, you’ll be able to limit not just which games they play, but outright block multiplayer titles and stop them from adding anyone to the friend list without your prior approval. If you’re afraid of them becoming big-shot YouTube or Twitch stars, you can even block screen recording.

Sound good? If you need to know how to set up iOS 12 parental controls, look no further than the “Family” feature added way back in iOS 8. Hit the tab at the top of your device settings to go through the process of setting it up. If you’ve done that already, you’ll want to check out the new iOS 12 Screen Time page on the main Settings tab.

Assuming your child has their own iOS device linked to the Family plan, you’ll be able to set device-specific Screen Time settings here. You’ll be able to adjust these parameters per app category in a pinch, but you can alter each individual app. Think you child deserves or needs a bit more screen time? You can adjust that on the fly.

So what’s new in iOS 12 for the masters of their own devices? Screen Time is an invaluable tool not just for limiting exposure of impressionable minds but can also be used to give us adults the work/life balance we so desperately need. A smartphone is essentially a handheld office, and Screen Time allows us to block work-related apps at specific times to keep us from working for free. We’ve all checked our work emails before bed. We shouldn’t make a habit of it, and iOS 12 thinks the same.