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Monster Hunter World Switch: Will Monster Hunter World Come to Switch?

Earlier this year, Capcom released what would become one of its best-selling games of all time in Monster Hunter World. To complement the release, Capcom has since released Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on Nintendo Switch. Despite this, however, fans across the world have been wondering for months whether Monster Hunter World Switch would ever be a reality.

Monster Hunter World Switch: Is it Coming to Nintendo Switch?

While no one can deny that Monster Hunter World on Switch would prove successful for Capcom (the market is definitely there), Nintendo’s hybrid machine may simply not be powerful enough to run the demanding game. Speaking to Toyo Keizai (via a Kotaku translation), Haruhiro Tsujimoto explained that bringing Monster Hunter World to Switch would be “difficult”: “We’re aware of that request, however, taking into account various conditions, bringing Monster Hunter World now for release is difficult.” Tsujimoto explained further that “the Switch has different functions from other stationary consoles as well as different players.”

Tsujimoto didn’t rule out a Switch port of Monster Hunter World in the future. Since then, too, the CEO of Iron Galaxy Studios (Adam Boyes) threw his hat into the ring. Boyes took to Twitter to let Capcom know that his studio is up to the challenge of porting Monster Hunter World to Switch.

For the unaware, Iron Galaxy Studios develop ports, including helping to port Skyrim to Switch.

Monster Hunter World Switch: Will it Ever Come to Nintendo Switch?

Despite not ruling out a port completely, and the offer of help from Iron Galaxy Studios, Capcom has yet to announce Monster Hunter World for Switch. Of course, a Switch port would have to take a graphical hit, but a version of the game could theoretically come to the console. While it is technically possible, it seems unlikely. Capcom has already released Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on Switch in response. Who knows what the future holds, though?