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Pokemon Go ???: How to Catch the ??? Pokemon?

The mysterious Pokemon Go ??? creature has started to pop up all over the world, following the recent community event. Though Chikorita was supposed to be the star of the show, the grass-type starter’s spotlight was stolen by the mysterious ??? Pokemon. As the event concluded, these ??? Pokemon started popping up everywhere. Their names read “???” and their CP also appears as “???”. Here’s what we know about the new ??? Pokemon!

Pokemon Go ???: What Is the ??? Pokemon?

At time of writing, there isn’t yet any official explanation for why exactly the new Pokemon Go ??? creature is appearing in-game. It simply popped up after the Chikorita event, with no announcement whatsoever.

The ??? Pokemon has an odd appearance, with a ghost-like body and a gold hexagon for a head. It almost looks bugged, as though it’s a cross between multiple different existing pocket monsters.

Pokemon Go ???: How to Catch the ??? Pokemon

To catch the ??? Pokemon, all you’ve got to do is find it in the wild. It started replacing the Chikorita spawns after the community day had finished. If you took part in the event, you’ll know that Chikoritas were absolutely everywhere. Well, now this ??? Pokemon has taken their place!

Once you find a ???, you’ll of course want to claim it for your own. We recommend using a berry to help secure it in the ball. Upon catching ???, you’ll see that it inexplicably turns into a Ditto, a common Pokemon that has been in the game for a long while now.

??? is very mysterious, and it’s not yet clear if its inclusion was intentional. The way it transforms into a Ditto is more than a little weird, as it means that there’s no way of adding it to your collection or viewing it on the Pokedex. Here’s hoping we get an official explanation soon! More Pokemon in Pokemon Go is always exciting!