Ring of Elysium FPS: Best Performance Settings Guide

Ring of Elysium FPS worries are a major concern within the game’s growing community right now. Like many other Battle Royale titles out there, it’s a game with notable performance dips that can easily crop up during the most decisive moments of a match. We’re going to be taking a look at how to maximize your Ring of Elysium FPS in this Ring of Elysium performance settings guide to help your game run better than the competition.

Ring of Elysium FPS: Best Performance Settings Guide

Ring of Elysium follows in the footsteps of just about every Battle Royale title to come before it. It’s an early access title that still needs lots of optimization work to run at its best.

But while Tencent works on optimization, the development team has a few words of advice when it comes to boosting your Ring of Elysium FPS.

In a recent Q&A, it was noted that the snow map puts pressure on most machines purely due to its increased size over the island map. To help boost Ring of Elysium FPS performance here, the company suggests ensuring your dedicated graphics card is being used.

If you’re rocking an APU (CPU with integrated GPU) alongside a dedicated graphics card, make sure you’re forcing the dedicated GPU through your Nvidia or AMD control panel. Tencent has confirmed that both GPU vendors are prepping drivers to specifically target the issue of Ring of Elysium FPS, but those already playing will want to take the precautionary step.

The next step is to check the level of anti-aliasing (AA) being used through the in-game settings. Tencent notes that “the performance cost of advanced anti-aliasing is very high, and the standard anti-aliasing actually has very good performance”. Smoothing out those jaggies costs precious Ring of Elysium FPS. Turn it down or turn it off.

Last of all comes patience. Tencent has identified some causes of performance dips and has confirmed that in-game UIs, certain loot model and actions, and character animations in third-person mode are just some of the issues they’re working on.

So what should you take away from this? Patience will play a major role in securing that stable Ring of Elysium run, but lowering your settings, picking the right GPU, and paying direct attention your choice of anti-aliasing method should put you on the path to Ring of Elysium FPS success.