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Pokemon Go Chimecho: How to Get Chimecho in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go‘s recent Ultra Bonus event saw a wealth of new raid battles, bug fixes, and much more brought to Niantic’s smartphone hit. With players having acclimatised themselves with the necessary changes, some have been able to get Pokemon that they haven’t had a chance to before. One of those Generation 3 Pokemon that had alluded some – Chimecho – appears to be getting added to plenty of Pokedex collections recently. How do you go about earning your own Pokemon Go Chimecho, though?

Pokemon Go Chimecho – How do I Add One to My Collection?

The best way to get your own Pokemon Go Chimecho seems to be via the game’s egg hatching system. According to an updated list on this NintendoLife page, Chimecho is obtainable in Pokemon Go if you manage to hatch a 10km egg. Of course, doing so doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get Chimecho, but you might just get lucky and get one.

Hatching a 10km egg requires you to, yes, you guessed it, walk 10km. You’ll get plenty of exercise from all that walking around, and potentially a Chimecho to boot. That’s win-win in our books.

Pokemon Go Chimecho – Are There Any Other Ways to Get Chimecho?

Yep, you can catch one in the wild. They’re pretty rare to find, however, if you check various sites online. Some people have come across Chimecho in Pokemon Go a few times, whilst others still haven’t spotted a single one.

The capture rate for Pokemon Go Chimecho isn’t too great either, according to Pokemon Go‘s GamePress page. With only three attempts out of every 10 captures working, it seems the elusive wind-chimed Pokemon is difficult to add to your Pokedex. Keep looking and walking though. You should eventually get one from a 10km egg or catch one, and you’ll finally have a Pokemon Go Chimecho to show off to your friends.