Mac OS Mojave Release: 5 Top New Features

Apple’s Mac OS Mojave release is today! It’s the latest in a long line of Mac OS versions that have powered the creative space for well over two decades. With iPhones and other iOS devices only getting more powerful each year, the Mac OS Mojave release allows for even greater connectively between the two. If you’re upgrading to Mac OS Mojave today, we’ve rounded up the 5 top new features you’ll want to check out.

Mac OS Mojave Release: 5 Top New Features

Mac OS Mojave release

Mac OS Mojave Dark Mode

Similar to the Nightlight feature you’ve likely heard of already, Mac OS Mojave Dark Mode gives the idea a more artistic flair. Rather than displaying warmer colors to protect your eyes from blue light before bedtime, Dark Mode is essentially a realistic day/night cycle for your Mac.

All of your apps will darken over time so that you’re not left looking at a bright white display as the world around you grows darker. It’s not as dramatic as it sounds, but you can read more about it here.

Mac OS Mojave Finder

Tracking down your files on a cluttered system can be difficult, but Mac OS Mojave hopes to make that easier. The Finder app is now smarter and pulls from more information than ever before. The more simple idea here is a larger previews offered by Gallery View, but clicking on a file will now automatically show intricate metadata so that you can do more at a glance.

Mac OS Mojave Quick Look

A quick slap of the Space Bar is now all that’s needed to perform popular actions on things like images, video, and PDF files.

The Space Bar has always served a vital purpose in word processing, but now it acts as the only button separating you between a photo and a handy image processor. You can mark up documents, adjust image dimensions, and trim and clean up audio and video.

Mac OS Mojave Screenshots

Screenshots feel almost as important as photos these days. With a screen constantly in our hands, screenshots have become a vital way to quickly share information. Mac OS Mojave adds a screenshot function to the Shift-Command-5 keyboard shortcut. It’s a full-on creative suite that includes screen recording

Take a screenshot and you’ll have the choice of dropping it into a folder or straight into the document you’re working on. You can even edit and publish it without ever saving it to your machine.

Mac OS Mojave Continuity Camera

Tossing a photo from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac is easier than ever in Mac OS Mojave. From the Pages app, you can select “Insert a Photo” from the File menu, snap a shot on your phone, and see it jump from your phone to your Mac. The same goes for Mail, Messages, Keynote, and a bunch of other productive apps.