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Overwatch Torbjorn Rework: Is the New Torbjorn Broken?

The Overwatch Torbjorn rework is the biggest of several changes that have been made to Blizzard’s popular game recently. The rework came about due to the fact that Torbjorn wasn’t seen to be a viable pick on Attack. However, many people seem to think that the new Torbjorn is broken. Granted, he has only been live on the PTR (Public Test Region) for a few days, so hopefully these issues will be rectified soon. However, at present, the new Torbjorn can be exploited in order to capitalize on some huge glitches.

Overwatch Torbjorn Rework: Is He Broken?

The main issue with the new Torbjorn is to do with his turret. In the past, Torbjorn dropped his turret in front of him. This turret was designated as a Level 1 Turret, which had to be upgraded using Torbjorn’s hammer. Five hammer swings upgraded it to Level 2, and it could even be upgraded to Level 3 using the old version of Torbjorn’s Ultimate ability—Molten Core.

However, the turret no longer has any levels—it is always at what was once Level 2. Also, it can be thrown now, as opposed to only being deployed directly in front of where Torbjorn was standing. This is where the new Torbjorn is broken at present.

The turret isn’t quite right yet, as there are reports of several locations into which the turret can be thrown that make it almost invisible, or even invincible. So far, it has been discovered that it can be thrown into one of the trees adjacent to Hollywood’s Point A, which makes it incredible difficult to spot.

While that spot isn’t technically broken, the other glitch is. Torbjorn’s turret can be thrown inside of a roof on Eichenwalde. From this position, it can shoot out, but can’t be shot at. Reddit user jellycookie shared a video highlighting this on on that site. It is currently unknown as to whether or not this glitch works on other maps, too.

Although the new Torbjorn is a huge improvement to his former build, there are clearly still a few kinks that need to be ironed out before he’s released into the full game.