Velvet Assassin Achievements


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Ace (30)Complete campaign in Normal difficulty
Admiral (10)Secure precious collectible in "Leave A Light On - Storage"
Assassin (50)Kill 200 enemies silently during a campaign
Assault (10)Complete mission "Le Boeuf"
Assertiveness (10)Kill 50 enemies during a campaign
Attentiveness (10)Secure 15 collectibles during a campaign
Bad Temper (30)Kill 150 enemies during a campaign
Blast'Em (20)Trigger 5 grenades during a campaign
Blitzkrieg (50)Complete the campaign in less than 5 hours
Close Combat Expert (20)You have killed all enemies silently in "The Lost - Valley"
Curiosity (30)Find all letters during a campaign
Delivery Service (10)Complete mission "The Third Man - Prison"
Demolition (10)Complete mission "The Lost - Fuel Storage"
Detox (30)Complete a mission without using morphine although you have some
Diplomat (10)Secure precious collectible in "The Third Man - Prison"
Disciple (10)Earn first skill point
Down-And-Dirty (10)Complete mission "The Third Man - Sewers"
Eagle Eye (50)Secure all collectibles during a campaign
Firebug (10)Complete mission "Leave A Light On - Storage"
General (10)Secure precious collectible in "Death Of The Butcher - Cathedral"
Gold Lover (10)Secure precious collectible in "Death Of The Butcher - Crypt"
Golden Bullet (10)Secure precious collectible in "Le Boeuf"
Gotta Light? (20)Kill 10 enemies with the flare gun during a campaign
Grand Master (50)Earn 15 skill points during a campaign
In The Lion's Den (10)Complete mission "Leave A Light On - Docks"
Infiltration (10)Complete mission "Death Of The Butcher - Cathedral"
Legend (50)Complete campaign in Agent difficulty
Liberator (10)Complete mission "Death Of The Butcher - Crypt"
Master (30)Earn 10 skill points during a campaign
Master Of Shadows (10)Complete mission "The Lost - Valley"
Ninja (30)Complete a mission firing a gun only when killing silently
Phantom (30)Complete a mission without getting identified
Phoenix (10)Complete mission "Fade To Grey - Hospital"
Relentlessness (50)Kill 300 enemies during a campaign
Rogue (10)Kill 50 enemies silently during a campaign
Sharp Senses (30)Secure 40 collectibles during a campaign
Slayer (30)Kill 100 enemies silently during a campaign
Wine Connoisseur (20)You have found the wine bottle in "The Lost - Fuel Storage"
Witness (10)Complete mission "The Third Man - Ghetto"