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Pokemon Gen 8 Leaks – Meltan, Pokemon Switch News, and More

Although Pokemon Gen 8 is likely to launch late next year, there are already leaks spilling on the internet about all kinds of features it will include. The most recent leak is to do with the mysterious new Hex Nut PokemonMeltan, who appeared during the September Community Day for Pokemon GO! It had previously been announced that a never-before-seen Pokemon would be coming to Pokemon: Let’s Go, and it seems likely that this is our first look at that Pokemon. On top of that, there are hints about potential release dates for Pokemon Gen 8, as well as details of a mainline game for the Nintendo Switch that will be released after Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! Here’s everything there is to know so far about Pokemon Gen 8.

Pokemon Gen 8: Pokemon Gen 8 Release Date

Although not a whole lot is known about the Pokemon Gen 8 release date, there are plenty of things that can be stitched together in order to get an idea as to when the next generation is likely to launch. In their Tokyo presentation on May 29, 2018, the Pokemon Company and Nintendo announced that Pokemon Switch, which will be the mainline Gen 8 installment of the franchise, will likely be released for the Nintendo Switch in 2019. This was the first solid bit of information revealed since plans for Gen 8 on the Switch were announced by Pokemon Company President and CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara back at E3 2017. On May 30, the day after the presentation, the official Pokemon Twitter page tweeted the following:

Trainers can look forward to even more with an all-new core series Pokémon RPG title in development for the second half of 2019!

This confirmed that Pokemon Gen 8 will likely be released for the Nintendo Switch in late 2019. As of now, no exact date is known, but information will start to flow as soon as the Pokemon Let’s Go titles launch later this year. Despite the fact that there is no fixed release date for Pokemon Switch, there have already been leaks detailing some of the new Pokemon that will be coming in Pokemon Gen 8.

Pokemon Gen 8: What New Pokemon Are Coming in Gen 8?

Back on April 18, 2018, a tweet featured a page from the Nintendo magazine that discussed The Pokemon Company’s upcoming plans—specifically in relation to Pokemon Gen 8. Roughly translated, the article says that Game Freak and The Pokemon Company are planning to introduce lots of new creatures for Pokemon Switch, and specifically mentions Pokemon’s eighth generation.

Just this weekend, a new “Hex Nut” Pokemon was revealed from a Pokemon GO! leak. The Pokemon then appeared to trainers during Chikorita Day, but transformed into a Ditto after being captured. Its name and CP were both displayed only as question marks, making the whole ordeal very mysterious altogether. However, today some light has finally been shed on the new nut Pokemon, or as we can now call it, Meltan.

Pokemon Gen 8 New Pokemon: Introducing Meltan

In a YouTube video posted by the Official Pokemon YouTube channel, Pokemon GO!‘s Professor Willow calls his mentor, Professor Oak, in order to report the recent discovery of a new Steel-type Pokemon. He also reported the fact that the Pokemon strangely transformed into Ditto after being captured. This means that the video, which ends with the words “To Be Continued,” is likely set to be the first video of a series of videos which will serve as an accompaniment to Pokemon GO! in the lead up to Pokemon: Let’s Go!  After seeing the Pokemon, Professor Oak was initially confused. However, he then exclaimed the following:

Wait! I have seen this Pokemon! It was in an ancient text I once read.

Professor Oak goes on to elaborate that this new discovery is the “Mythical Pokemon,” Meltan. Meltan was mentioned in an ancient text Professor Oak had read before, but it was thought that its existence was nothing more than a myth. At present, the reason for its transformation into Ditto is unknown, but will likely be uncovered in the videos to come.

Pokemon Go New Pokemon: What Is Meltan?

The description from the official Pokemon: Let’s Go website has the following to say about the brand new Steel-type Pokemon:

Most of Meltan’s body is made from liquid metal, and its shape is very fluid. It can use its liquid arms and legs to corrode metal and absorb it into its own body.

Meltan generates electricity using the metal it absorbs from outside sources. It uses this electricity as an energy source and also as an attack that can be fired from its eye.

Clearly a curious Pokémon, Meltan is very expressive and shows an interest in all kinds of things.

It seems likely that Meltan could have a Steel/Electric typing, considering that it conducts electricity. However, this is just speculative, and the official Pokemon Let’s Go website has it listed as just a Steel-type for now.

Pokemon Go New Pokemon: Is Meltan Coming to Pokemon Lets Go?

For now, players who managed to nab themselves a Meltan over the weekend will have to wait for further instruction on what to do with what has since become a Ditto. Luckily, players who didn’t manage to meet Meltan over the weekend still have a small chance of encountering it in the wild for the next while.

It seems likely that by the time the Pokemon: Let’s Go! titles release for Nintendo Switch on November 16, the community will have a much better idea of what Meltan’s backstory is. It also seems like Meltan is going to play an important part in the upcoming Switch titles, as the official Pokemon: Let’s Go! website concluded its field report with the following: 

Research is being conducted on these appearances of Meltan, but we have learned that Pokémon GO is somehow key to meeting this curious new Pokémon in Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! 

This could have something to do with importing Pokemon from Pokemon GO! into Pokemon: Let’s Go!

Players will have to stay tuned for now, as more information about the curious new Pokemon is likely to be released over the coming weeks. For now, all players can really do is attempt to discover more Meltans in the wild on Pokemon GO!