When is the Dragalia Lost Release Date?

The Dragalia Lost release date is soon approaching, but when is it exactly? This hotly anticipated ARPG is Nintendo’s first new IP for mobile devices. It will be available in Japan, USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. So when will you be able to form contracts with dragons on mobile devices? Let’s find out.

What is the Dragalia Lost Release Date?

Dragalia Lost will become available for iOS and Android users on September 27. You can currently pre-register for the game in the aforementioned regions. There is no news on whether the game will be coming out in other territories.

What is Dragalia Lost?

Dragalia Lost is the latest foray into smart device gaming by Nintendo. It was co-developed with Cygames, which is famous for creating the Granblue Fantasy franchise. The game follows the story of an unnamed prince who is tasked to protect his kingdom from monsters that have appeared due to the waning powers of a magical crystal.

Players will be joined by three party members as they traverse the world surrounding the kingdom of Alberia. These other party members will also fit into various classes and represent different elemental alignments. There will be 60 of them available at launch. Players will also be able to be “pactbound” with various dragons, which will allow you to use their powers and temporarily transform into them. Dragalia Lost will also feature multiplayer capabilities.

The game will also feature a “gacha” system to gain new party members, weapons, dragons, and items. This means that players will need to earn or purchase premium currencies to unlock more extras. The in-game obtainable currency will be called “Wyrmite”, while the purchasable one will be called “Dimantium.” Once players have obtained enough of either, they can draw randomized items.

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