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Spider-Man PS4 1.06 Update Patch Notes: What’s Changed in the New Update?

The Spider-Man PS4 1.06 update has gone live earlier today. This is quite a big one, arriving with a size of around 1.9 GB. Developer Insomniac Games has not provided any official patch notes for the new update. All of the information below comes from the Spider-Man PS4 update history, which can be checked by everyone by pressing the “Options” button when they’re on the game’s tile on the PS4 home screen. Read on for the Spider-Man PS4 1.06 update patch notes below.

Spider-Man PS4 1.06 Update: New Features

Although the Spider-Man PS4 1.06 update seems to be quite large, it only adds one new feature to the game. According to the patch notes, the developer has added the option to invert the camera horizontally. That’s essentially the only new feature arriving with the new update.

Spider-Man PS4 1.06 Update: Bug Fixes and Improvements

The bulk of the update seems to have been to fix bugs and other issues in the game. Several game-breaking problems have been addressed in the Spider-Man 1.06 update, including an issue where the game would freeze when loading a saved game. Additionally, a number of issues afflicting Research Stations locking incorrectly have also been fixed, alongside a bug where players could get stuck inside the spire of the Empire State Building.

Other bug fixes include issues related to progression stoppers on two occasions: when completing Demon Bases and quitting out at the end, when knocking Mr. Negative out of the arena during his boss fight, and last but not least, during the point launch tutorial. An issue with puzzles getting locked out of the lab after investigating an audio recorder has also been fixed.

Other than those bug fixes, the update history patch notes only state “further improved stability,” as well as addressing various UI issues, animation pop issues, and additional unspecified issues.

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