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Pokemon Go Smeargle: When is Smeargle Being Added?

Pokemon Go continues to add more Pokemon to its ever growing roster. Developers Niantic have slowly been adding various generation two and three Pokemon to its ranks over the past couple of years, but one notable absentee has been the dog-like Pokemon Smeargle. When can we expect to see a Pokemon Go Smeargle sighting then?

Pokemon Go Smeargle – When Will Smeargle Be Added?

Nobody knows as of this moment. Pokemon Go Smeargle is still nothing but a pipe dream for those who wish to add it to their Pokedex. We do know that it’s coming, however, thanks to Pokemon Go dataminer Chrales. Back in August, Chrales uncovered a number of Pokemon – via GameRant – who have yet to be included in the game. One of those was Pokemon Go Smeargle, who is the only non-legendary gen two Pokemon who is yet to be added to the smartphone video game.

The same GameRant article showed off the sprite of Pokemon Go Smeargle too, so it’s almost certain that we’ll see the normal type Pokemon added soon.

Pokemon Go Smeargle – Why Hasn’t Smeargle Been Included Yet?

It’s hard to say. A thread over at Pokemon Go Gamepress, dated to February, claimed that it was down to Smeargle’s attacking stat only being equivalent to 40. Smeargle’s ability to learn any move type in any Pokemon game means that it could become overpowered if, say, it learned a move that could deal huge damage to enemies.

If Niantic is worried about this, it could be a key reason behind Smeargle not being confirmed yet. Hopefully it will at some point, however, and those clamoring for Smeargle in Pokemon Go will finally get their chance to catch it. Be sure to check back to Game Revolution for more  Pokemon Go Smeargle news when we have it.