First On Discord – What is it?

Only a month after it announced its own storefrontDiscord has announced a new service called First On Discord. This system will be the company’s way of releasing games on its store before anywhere else. So what are the details for it? What about the games the first games to exclusively launch there? Read on and find out.

What is First On Discord?

First On Discord is the chat program’s way of exclusively launching games before any other platform. It will use its own in-software store to release these titles. The service will maintain exclusivity over them for a typical 90 day period before the games appear anywhere else.

What Are the First Games for First On Discord?

The first games to launch on Discord’s premier service are as follows:

  • Last Year: The Nightmare: An asymmetrical horror survival game where five players need to survive being hunted down by a player-controlled “deadly killer.” Developed by Elastic Games.
  •  Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption: A boss battler action-RPG where players fight embodiments of sin in with an ever-increasing difficulty. Developed by Another Indie.
  • Minion Masters: Currently in Early Access on Steam, this title is a cartoonish strategy-brawler featuring various unique characters. Developed by BetaDwarf.
  • Bad North: Already released on the Nintendo Switch, the game is a minimalistic Viking-themed rougelite real-time tactics game. Developed by Raw Fury.
  • At Sundown: This title pits four players against each other in a map that where darkness will make you invisible to other players, while any light source will reveal your location. Developed by Mild Beast Games and published by Versus Evil.
  •  Mad Machines: A multiplayer game which looks like Rocket League except that you can beat your opponents with various weapons. Developed by Hero Blocks.
  • King of the Hat: Originally announced via Steam Greenlight, and then re-announced during a Nintendo Direct, this party brawler tasks you with fighting other players with an amusing focus on hats. Developed by Hyroglyphik Games.

You can watch the trailer for the premiere for First On Discord below.