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Battlefield 1 Update 1.27 Patch Notes

The latest Battlefield 1 update has arrived for the World War One shooter. This may be the last update the game will receive before the launch of Battlefield V. Because of this, the latest patch is not that substantial, but it may be of importance to players of the multiplayer mode. Here are the version 1.27 patch notes.

What Are the Battlefield 1 Update 1.27 Patch Notes?

The patch notes for the latest Battlefield 1 update are rather simple and focus around some interface issues and mid-round team balancing. The update is will be 2.13 GB on Xbox One, 1.8 GB on PS4, and 1GB for PC players. This will also act as the autumn season update for the title. It will also be mandatory for all players to download. Here are the patch notes for version 1.27 for the game (Courtesy of EA/DICE) :

  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect message would display, depending on the attack rating at the end of an Operation.
  • Fixed an issue where the mid-round team balancer wasn’t aware of players from pre-round.
  • Fixed an issue where the end of round screen would appear, instead of the pause menu, in Operations.

What Does the Newest Battlefield 1 Update Mean?

Simply put, this might be the last Battlefield 1 update for a while. This is for two reasons: its size and the upcoming release of Battlefield V. Firstly, this update does not do much to the game apart from a few fixes to make the overall experience better for fans still playing the game. Secondly, Battlefield V will be launching November 20. This release is right around the corner meaning that EA/DICE are focusing on the newer game to make sure it launches in a good state. This does not necessarily mean Battlefield 1 is dead, however. The developers will continue to support the game in the future but in a more sporadic fashion.

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