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Splatoon 2 4.1.0 Update – New Stage, Weapons, Music, and More

The Splatoon 2 4.1.0 update release date and information has been announced. It’s a hefty update, with a new stage, clothes, weapons, music, and more to be introduced. Sadly, however, the new stage will be the last one added into the game. What is the new stage? What are the new weapons? How “off the hook” are the new clothes? Stay fresh with all the details below.

Splatoon 2 4.1.0 Update: What Is the New Stage?

Splatoon 2 4.1.0 Update

Above, you can see a screenshot of the last ever new stage to be hitting Splatoon 2. Skipper Pavilion appears to be a courtyard, with traditional Japanese architecture meeting more modern sensibilities. The map will be in rotation on the normal online offering and each of Splat Zones, Tower Control, Rainmaker, and Clam Blitz.

Splatoon 2 4.1.0 Update: What Are the New Weapons?

Splatoon 2 4.1.0 update

Alongside Skipper Pavilion, version 4.1.0 is also adding in some new Splatoon 2 weapons. The Fizzy Bomb is finally on its way, which becomes more powerful the more you shake it. Also coming with the new update is the Booyah Bomb. This intriguing new Special Weapon takes a long while to charge. It’s a powerful ink bomb, however, so charging it up to its full potential will definitely be worthwhile.

What makes the Booyah Bomb so special, however, is how it works. Once activated, you can charge it up quicker by calling out “Booyah!” (this can be done by pressing the required D-Pad direction on-screen). According to the Nintendo Versus tweet, teammates will get a bonus to their Special Meter when they cry out “Booyah!” in response.

Splatoon 2 4.1.0 Update: What Else is New?

Not content with a brand-new stage and two new weapons, Nintendo is throwing in the second wave of the Kensa Collection and two new battle music tracks. “Chopscrewey” and “Entropical” by a new band: SashiMori are here. The stylish monochrome Kensa Collection began with the last major update and is set to continue here with new clothes and weapon designs.

The Splatoon 2 4.1.0 update will go live in North America on October 2, 2018, and October 3, 2018, in Europe and Japan.