Dragalia Lost Wyrmite Guide

In Dragalia LostWyrmite will be the main way you will be able to obtain the various weapons, characters, dragons, and accessories. This premium currency will be necessary for you to power-up and progress through the story of Nintendo’s mobile action RPG. So what is the best way to get Wyrmite?

What is Dragalia Lost Wyrmite?

Dragalia Lost Wyrmite is the premium currency used to obtain various items such as dragons, weapons, characters, and accessories. To receive one random item from the ‘gacha’ feature, you will need to spend 150 Wyrmite. To summon 10 items at once (which will give you a higher chance of rare items) you will need 1,500 Wyrmite.

How to Get Dragalia Lost Wyrmite.

There are various ways to get the Dragalia Lost Wyrmite currency. The very first way to obtain it is through various gifts and login bonuses. If you pre-registered for the game before its launch, you will receive a complimentary 2,500 Wyrmite. In addition to this, until October 31, there is a “Launch Celebration Special Bonus” campaign. If you log in consecutively for seven days, you will receive a total of 1,350 of the premium currency. From there, the most likely way you will get Wyrmite is through progressing the story. The first time you complete a stage of the campaign, you will receive five units Wyrmite. In addition to this, if you pass certain requirements during gameplay, you will receive further amounts of stones.

However, there is a fast way to receive a large amount of Dragalia Lost Wyrmite. This is through the events feature. After you complete stage two of chapter two in the campaign, you will unlock events. These are sidequests that are available to all players that offer specific rewards. If you play them with other players in co-op, you will receive a larger amount of Wyrmite. For every new player you go through an event with, you will receive 50 units of the premium currency. But there may be a limit to how much you can get. Some players are reporting you can only receive this bonus 50 times, meaning you will only be able to obtain 2,500 Wyrmite from this method.

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