Wallace & Gromit Grand Adventures: Fright of the Bumblebees,Wallace & Gromit Grand Adventure Achievements



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Act 1: Breakfast Wrangler (20)Complete Act 1.
Act 2: Ton o' Honey (20)Complete Act 2.
Act 3: Buzz Cutter (20)Complete Act 3.
Act 4: Queenly Bearing (20)Complete Act 4.
Bee Pleaser (15)Offer the bees inside of the Pollenator every type of flower.
Crack Shot (15)Get through the "shooting gallery" without missing a target.
Get Cracking (15)Hear Wallace say this phrase in four of its instances.
Memory Lane (15)Find an object from Wallace and Gromit’s first movie.
Mmm... Cheese (15)Eat this episode's "mystery cheese".
No Go Gorgonzola (15)Make it through Act 3 without touching the Gorgonzola.
Snail Whisperer (15)Give the entire cast a glance at a gastropod.
Yee-Oww! (15)Get stung by three different bees.