Dragalia Lost Dragons Guide

Dragalia Lost Dragons are a pretty big focus in Nintendo’s newest mobile game. These scaly companions are not only important to the game’s story but in how you do in the various combat situations. This guide will give you all you need to know about the Dragalia Lost Dragons.

What Are the Dragalia Lost Dragons?

Dragons in this game are very important. In the lore of Dragalia Lost, they act as the protagonist’s way of gaining enough power to save the world. They also act as protectors of the environments in the world. As for the dragons’ use to you in-game, they are one of the core features of combat.

As discussed before, during combat you will be able to shapeshift into the Dragalia Lost Dragons. You will be able to unlock this great power once you have filled the gauge for it. To do this, you need to either defeat enemies or find “Dragon Obelisks” that are scattered throughout the various levels. Then you can transform into your equipped dragon. This will not only change your avatar’s physical appearance, but you will also gain a large boost in power as well. Additionally, you will also be able to unleash a special ability that is only available in your dragon form. All in all, they are a principal part of any combat strategy in the game.

How to Get Dragalia Lost Dragons

As of writing, there are two primary ways to obtain the Dragalia Lost dragons: through the story and summoning. The former is rather straightforward. As you progress through the game’s campaign, you will obtain specific dragons. They will be of a four-star rarity at least and will correspond to one of the five elements.

However, that is only a limited amount of dragons. How do you get more? The second method to obtaining Dragalia Lost dragons is through summoning. The feature is a “gacha” system meaning that you will get a randomly selected group of various items. This system is not limited to just dragons, however, since weapons, Wrymprints, and adventures are obtained this way.

To summon you will also require either Wyrmite, which you can get in-game, or Diamantium, the premium paid-currency. For a single summon, which will not guarantee you any dragons, you need 150 of either currency. To do a Tenfold Summon, which will pull 10 items for you, 1,500 units of either Wyrmite or Diamantium is needed. For the latter method of summoning, you are guaranteed at least one four-star item, so it is worth saving up for this kind of summoning.

What Are the Dragalia Lost Dragons Rarities?

In the game, the Dragalia Lost dragons are given various rarities which denote how powerful they are. The creatures of legend range, currently, from one to five-star rarities. Of course, the more stars they have, the harder to get they will be.

What Are the Dragalia Lost Dragons Elements?

As with many aspects of this game, elemental affinities are very important to choose which dragon to equip. The five elements are as follows: flame, water, wind, light, and shadow. Each dragon you obtain will be aligned with one of these five elements. This means that they will have strengths and weaknesses against other elements, as shown in the image below. This means that you will need to equip a dragon that would be effective against the elements of the stage or enemies you will encounter.

Dragalia Lost Dragons

How Do I Upgrade My Dragalia Lost Dragons?

Of course, once you obtain the Dragalia Lost dragons, you will want to make them even stronger. There are two ways to do this: materials or other dragons. The latter of the two will require you to collect various different kinds of dragonfruits. These are obtainable through quests, gifts, or through your castle. Once you have unlocked your royal abode and its surrounding land, you will be able to craft a Dragontree. This will periodically give you different rarities of dragonfruit, depending on how many levels you have upgraded it to. Once you have collected enough of the fruit, head to the “Upgrade” section of the menu, select “Dragons” and use them to give your favorite dragon more experience.

As for using other dragons, this is rather simple. Instead of dragonfruit, you will sacrifice other dragons to give another one EXP. This method will mean you will lose whichever dragon you use to upgrade the one you want to get stronger, so be careful.

It is also worth noting that dragons do not gain EXP from battling and these two above methods are the only way.

Finally, if you have hit the level cap with a dragon, you need to go through a process called “Unbinding.” This will raise the number of levels your dragon can ascend, however, it costs either a copy of the same dragon or other rare items.

Dragalia Lost Dragons Bonding

You can benefit from a good relationship with your dragons as well. Through bonding with them, they will give you various gifts that should help on your journey. In the “Castle” section of the game, there is an option called “Dragon’s Roost.” This will take you to a menu where you can give various gifts to a dragon of your choosing, which will raise your bond with them. Every time the level of bond you have with them increases, they will give you rewards. It must be noted that the gifts do require rupies to purchase, so make sure you have enough.

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