Dragalia Lost Upgrades Guide

The more you play Nintendo’s latest mobile action RPG game, the more you will want to invest in Dragalia Lost upgrades. This way, you will always be ready for the next challenge in the title. This guide will show you all you need to know about powering up your adventurers, dragons, weapons, and more.

Dragalia Lost Upgrades Basics

All items that you will want to upgrade share some key concepts with each other. The first of these is the simple concept of enhancing the weapon with materials. Each kind of item is upgradeable through the use of various rarities of material, such as crystals for adventurers. The next shared concept is enhancing items with the same class of items. For instance, you can strengthen weapons by sacrificing other, weaker, ones. The final communal upgrade path is unbinding. This is how you get over the eventual level cap of various items. With unbinding, you will need a copy of an item to raise how much experience it can gain. So if you wanted to level up Wyrmprint A further than its cap, you’ll need a copy of it as well.

For many of the materials needed to upgrade, you can also purchase them from the shop. This is found in the main menu by pressing the wooden board icon. You will need to use a large number of Rupies, the primary currency in the game, to obtain them. However, you can also summon a random selection of items. The first time you do this every day will be free, but the more you do it, the more Wyrmite it will cost.

You will be able to find all these upgrade functions in the ‘Upgrade’ menu on the home screen, second on the left.

Dragalia Lost Upgrades- Adventurers

There are three ways you can enhance the power of your various adventurers: upgrading with materials, promotion, and mana circles. The first of these methods is rather straightforward. Simply go to the adventurers’ section of the upgrade menus and choose which one you want to power-up. From there you can use up various rarities of crystals to level them up. You can also use the ‘Auto Upgrade’ function which will automatically select the materials needed to get them to their highest level. You can also gain EXP through battling and defeating monsters.

Once you have hit the adventurers’ level-cap, however, you will need to promote them. This will not only increase the max level of your character but also generally increase their stats. To do this, you will need a certain amount of eldwater, which is dependent on the adventurer themselves. The amount necessary will also increase depending on what rarity they are as well. To obtain eldwater you need to:

  • Summon adventurers you have already obtained
  • Parting with dragons with a three-star rarity or more
  • Exchange Wyrmprints

The final way to upgrade adventurers is through the mana circle system. In simplest terms, this is the skill tree for the characters in the game. This feature has its own sub-menu in the upgrade area of the game. The mana circle is a tiered system where to obtain better skills and so forth, you need to unlock all the previous ones on the level below. Called ‘nodes’ in the game, to obtain their benefits you will need to spend mana and orbs. To obtain mana, you will need to clear various quests and their bonus objectives. As for orbs, you will need to play specific event quests tied to the element of the adventurer you want to upgrade to get the appropriate material.

Dragalia Lost Upgrades- Weapons

So once you have made your adventurers all-powerful, why not make your weapons as well? Weapon upgrades are also done in a similar way as to the other items and adventurers. To do a simple upgrade, you will need to use various rarities of the whetstone material or other weapons. Once again, if your chosen weapon has it its level cap, you will need to use a copy of the same weapon to unbind it and raise the maximum levels it can gain.

However, you will be able to craft even stronger weapons. To do this you need to unlock the smithy in your castle grounds. This will naturally unlock the further you get in the campaign. Once you have built this facility, the crafting sub-menu will be made available. You will need various materials gained from a multitude of quests to craft brand new weapons. However, you can enhance them as well. This feature allows you to transform your old weapons into newer, more powerful ones (at the cost of rarer materials).

You cannot, however, gain experience for them through combat.

Dragalia Lost Upgrades- Dragons

As we have covered before, dragons will be upgraded in a very similar fashion to everything else. However, it must be noted that you cannot gain experience for them through battle; only adventurers can gain experience this way. To give your dragons experience to level up, you will need the dragonfruit material. These also have various rarities, and you can gain them in many different ways as well. The simplest way is through questing and completing bonus objectives. Of course, the dragon specific event quests, called ‘Dragon Trials’, are more likely to give you dragonfruits. The other way to obtain dragonfruits is through your castle. After a certain point in the campaign, you will be able to craft a dragonfruit tree which will periodically give you more of the material. You can, of course, upgrade this facility to higher levels to farm more and rarer units of the item.

Once your dragon has hit its level cap, you can unbind them as well. This similarly will need a copy of the dragon, or specific materials for the process.

Dragalia Lost Upgrades- Wyrmprints

Wyrmprints act as the accessories of this action RPG. The pieces of art, when equipped, will grant adventurers various stat boosts. To upgrade them, you will need water which can be obtained through quests or rewards for completing objectives. You can also use other Wyrmprints to upgrade your chosen one. Unbinding them also works in the same way where you will need a copy of the chosen Wyrmprint to increase its level-cap.

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