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Battlefield 5 Weapons List: All Battlefield 5 Weapons Detailed

Battlefield 5‘s release is just over a month away, but DICE has begun rolling out more information ahead of its launch. The video game developer has released a lengthy list of what weapons, vehicles, and other gear will be available from launch day. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at the Battlefield 5 weapons list in more detail.

Battlefield 5 Weapons List – How Many Weapons are There?

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In total, there are 30 primary weapons, seven sidearms, nine melee weapons, and seven throwables that gamers can wield when the game launches on November 20. The primary weapons are divided down into eight sub-categories – sub-machine guns (SMGs) light machine guns (LMGs), shotguns, medium machine guns (MMGs), self-loading rifles, bolt-action rifles, semi-automatic rifles, and assault rifles.

Battlefield 5 Weapons List – Rifles

battlefield 5 weapons list rifles

As mentioned, there are four types of rifles – assault, semi-automatic, bolt-action, and self-loading. Assault rifles are bigger and better versions of SMGs. They have better accuracy and damage at range than their cousins, so they’re perfect for players at medium range. The three assault rifles present at launch are the StG 44, Sturmgewehr 1-5, and M1907 SF.

Semi-automatic rifles generally favor a wider range than assault rifles, in that they can do more damage at greater distances. This doesn’t apply to long range, however, as they only fire a single bullet with every trigger pull. The weapon’s mechanism allows it to reload instantly without the need for manual intervention though. The five semi-automatic rifles present at launch are the Selbstlader 1916, Gewehr 43, Gewehr 1-5, M1A1 Carbine, and Turner SMLE.

Bolt-action rifles are used as Battlefield 5‘s version of sniper rifles. Their rate of fire is low, but the damage they can cause at long range is brutal. Expect to get plenty of headshots if you’re skilled enough. There are four bolt-action rifles at launch – the Gewehr M95/30, Krag-Jorgensen, Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I, and Kar98k.

Self-loading rifles are mechanically very similar to semi-automatic rifles. However, they do more damage per shot pulled, have a lower rate of fire, and have a much smaller clip size. The three self-loading rifles you can handle are the Model 8, ZH-29, and RSC.

Battlefield 5 Weapons List – Machine Guns

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There are three variations of machine gun. These are sub-machine, light machine, and medium machine. SMGs are specialized close range combat guns. They look to tear your foes apart, but they need to be used up close and personal. Any kind of range lessens their impact significantly. There are seven SMGs available from release day, such as the STEN, Suomi KP/-31, EMP, MP40, MP28, MP34, and M1928A1.

LMGs are infantry support weapons that can be propped up on bipedal legs positioned near the front of the muzzle. This allows for greater accuracy and less recoil at range, but they’re not as manoeuvrable as assault rifles. Four LMGs are present on launch day – the KE7, Bren Gun, FG-42, and Lewis Gun.

MMGs, much like LMGs, can be deployed with bipods to allow for better accuracy. They offer the greatest amount of sustained fire due to their clip size and damage rate, but are bulky to carry. The MG 34 and MG 42 are the two options available on launch day.

Battlefield 5 Weapons List – Shotguns

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The ultimate close range weapon, shotguns pack a meaty punch that can down enemies with a single shot. They’re absolutely useless at range, so make sure that you’re right on top of opponents to get that satisfying kill. The two shotgun options from release day are the M30 Drilling and the 12g Automatic.

Battlefield 5 Weapons List – Sidearms

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In dire situations during combat, you’ll need to equip your sidearm if you can’t reload your primary. There are seven present at launch, with the options being the P38 Pistol, Ruby, P08 Pistol, Repetierpistole M1912, M1911, FP-45 Liberator, and Mk VI Revolver.

Battlefield 5 Weapons List – Melee Weapons

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When you’re out of ammo, you’ll need to resort to melee combat to beat your foe. There are nine variations of melee weapons in Battlefield 5. These are the British Army Jack Knife, Club, Cricket Bat, Hatchet, Kukri, Pickaxe, Scout Knife, Shovel, and Solveig Knife.

Battlefield 5 Weapons List – Throwables

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Finally, there are seven types of throwables and grenades in Battlefield 5 from launch day. These are the No. 36 Frag Grenade, M18 Smoke Grenade, No. 76 Incendiary Grenade, No. 74 Sticky Grenade, Geballte Grenade, No. 69 Impact Grenade, and Throwing Knife.