Steins Gate 0 OVA Release Date – When is Episode 24 Out?

The series may have recently ended, but that doesn’t mean fans have nothing to look forward to. The Steins Gate 0 OVA release date fast approaches as the anime finally comes to a close with what should be more of a light-hearted episode. So, below, we’ll reveal all about when you can expect to see Steins Gate 0 episode 24, otherwise referred to as a Special Episode.

Steins Gate 0 OVA Release Date – When is Episode 24 Out?

Right now, we only have one definitive source to go on for an answer to when the Steins Gate 0 OVA release date is due, and that’s the official Blu-Ray. Steins Gate 0 volume 6 will release in Japan on December 21, 2018. This boxset will include the final three episodes of the series’ main run, plus “one unreleased episode” i.e. the OVA.

Then, we play the waiting game. While, of course, a Western release date will come further down the line, we’ll have to predominantly rely on fan-subs and translators to pick up the pieces. Expect a Western episode 24 release by the very end of 2018.

However, there is a small chance of the Japanese releasing including English subtitles. While the product page above doesn’t mention any outright, previous releases, such as the Steins Gate movie Load Region of Deja Vu have come packed with English subtitles upon their Japanese release. If this is the case with the Steins Gate 0 OVA, you’ll be able to pick it up on its release date thanks to Blu-Ray’s region-free technology.

What is the Steins Gate 0 OVA?

While plot details haven’t yet been released, an OVA (original video animation) typically eschews the traditional plot and narrative for a more fun, upbeat adventure away from the main timeline (or timelines in the case of Steins Gate 0). The original series, for example, saw the gang travel to Los Angeles to cheer on Faris in a card game tournament, which is a million miles away from the angst and head-scratching brilliance of the anime proper.