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WWE 2K19 Minecraft Characters: How to make WWE 2K19 Block Characters

The latest entry in the WWE 2K franchise has arrived and with it is the option to make WWE 2K19 Minecraft characters. This new feature in the creation suite will let you make any superstar of your choosing into a blocky version of themselves. So, how do you unlock this goofy feature?

How to get WWE 2K19 Minecraft Characters?

Getting the WWE 2K19 Minecraft skins is very easy. All you need to do during the character creation is to choose one option. The Block Body option is in the ‘Attire’ section of the creation suite, at the very bottom of the list. Then immediately your brand-new superstar will look more like Minecraft Steve than Stone Cold Steve Austin. You will also get a choice of skin-tones for your new cuboid grappler. Take note, however, as all of the attire you have already equipped to your character will be removed. You will get an achievement or trophy for doing this as well.

But that customization does not end there. You can edit the block body pixel-by-pixel, much like you would to make a Minecraft skin. To do this, you need to select the body part you want to edit after you have equipped the outfit.

From there, the game will take you to a sub-menu where you can draw on whatever you want onto your blocky brawler. You can change the color of each individual pixel to suit whatever you want to do with your pixel pugilist. From there you finalize all the other options and your WWE 2K19 Minecraft wrestler will be ready to go. You will be able to use them in any match and even in the MyCareer mode. Don’t forget to upload your superstar to the Community Creations for the whole world to see what you’ve done.

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