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WWE 2K19 Money in the Bank – Can’t Cash in MITB

There appears to be a WWE 2K19 Money in the Bank bug that’s stopping people from cashing in the MITB briefcase in Universe Mode. This is compounded by the fact that there a glitch is persisting with being unable to cash in the Women’s Money in the Bank contract at all. It all seems to stem from your Universe Mode save game slot, so here’s a temporary workaround.

WWE 2K19 Money in the Bank – Can’t Cash in MITB Fix

The problem, which many users, including those on Reddit, are suffering with is surrounding the ability to cash in during a match by pausing the game and pressing the “Cash in” option. That is greyed out and, as of writing, there’s no real workaround until Yuke’s/2K Sports patches it.

However, a short-term fix is available. While the inability to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase will rear its ugly head once more, you should start a new Universe Mode and save it to slot two. It appears that many of the headaches from the game so far stem from a Universe Mode save game slot one bug.

However, you should be aware that you cannot cash in your MITB for matches involving champions of a separate roster. So, for example, a RAW Money in the Bank holder can not cash in on AJ Styles’ WWE Championship as he’s on SmackDown. Anecdotal evidence on Twitter also suggests that only one male Money in the Bank match can go on during a single PPV.

WWE 2K19 Money in the Bank – Can’t Cash Women’s MITB

This one, though, can’t be fixed just yet. You cannot cash in on female champions as Money in the Bank holder. Your best bet for this one is to wait for a forthcoming patch and make 2K Support aware of the issues on Twitter.