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Fortnite Damage Trap Eliminations – What Are Damage Traps?

Fortnite damage trap eliminations aren’t particularly easy to get. However, players will be rewarded for using damage traps over the next week, as one of the challenges for Week 3 of Fortnite Season 6 is to get an elimination using a damage trap. Players who manage to successfully do this will be rewarded with 10 Battle Stars, which is nothing to scoff at. Two questions remain: what are damage traps, and how can you use them to get eliminations?

Fortnite Damage Trap Eliminations – What Are Damage Traps?

The “Damage Trap” is an item that players can use in Fortnite‘s Battle Royale mode. It combines several other kinds of traps into one single trap—specifically, it combines the Spike Trap, the Wall Zapper, and the Ceiling Zapper into something that can be placed on any surface that is compatible with traps.

Damage Traps can be obtained as floor loot, or from supply drops and supply Llamas.

Fortnite How to Get Damage Trap Eliminations

Fortnite Damage Trap Eliminations

Traps are compatible with the following surfaces:

  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Ceilings.

There are two ways to make use of traps after placing them. A player can employ a passive method, in which they simply place the trap on one of the above surfaces and wait for another player to trigger it. The other way is to use the Damage Trap actively. This requires more skill, but is more reliable after the player has mastered the method. In order to do this, the player needs to lock an enemy in a box. Once the enemy has no way out, the player can drop the Damage Trap into the box for a certain elimination.

Completing this challenge will award the player 10 Battle Stars. This is one of the hardest challenges for Week 3 of Season 6, so if players complete this one early on, they’ll have a very good chance of completing all of this week’s challenges.