G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra PS3 Cheats

Unlockable Costumes

At the title screen enter the following

Code                                                                           Effect
Left,Up,Square,Up,Right,TriangleClassic Duke
right, up, down, down, triangle buttonShana "Scarlett" O'Hara


Unlockable                                          How to Unlock
Acceleration Celebration (Silver)Activate the Accelerator Suit three times in any mission
Accomplished Mission (Silver)Gain the highest Mission Ranking
All G.I. JOE Contacts (Gold)Purchase all G.I. JOE contacts
Arctic Completed (Bronze)Complete all Arctic missions
Arishikage Attack (Bronze)Complete any mission using Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow
Baroness (Bronze)Defeat Baroness
Battle Master (Silver)Collect and spend all 130 possible Battle Points
Bevvy o’ Heavy (Bronze)Complete a mission using only Heavy class characters
Classified (Bronze)Collect all Intel Cards
COBRAAAA!!! (Gold)Purchase all COBRA characters
Code Cracker (Bronze)Gain access to a Combat Soldier Class Ability door
Combat Rock (Bronze)Complete a mission using only Combat class characters
Desert Completed (Silver)Complete all Desert missions
Destro (Bronze)Defeat Destro
Double Barrel Roll (Bronze)Perform 10 barrel rolls in unison in any level in co-op
File-o-phile (Bronze)Collect all File Cards
Firefly (Bronze)Defeat Firefly
G.I. JOE (Platinum)G.I. JOE
Gimme The Keys (Bronze)Drive every G.I. JOE vehicle in the game
Girls Night Out (Bronze)Complete any mission using female characters only
Go Commando (Bronze)Complete a mission using only Commando class characters
Hack ‘n Slash (Bronze)Finish a level using only melee attacks on ground troops
Half the Battle (Bronze)Collect 50% of all File Cards
Hardcore G.I. JOE (Silver)Complete every Mission on Hardcore Difficulty
Higher Score (Bronze)Replay a mission and earn a higher score
It Takes Two (Bronze)Complete any mission in 2 player co-op
Jungle Completed (Silver)Complete all Jungle missions
Launch Money (Silver)Launch 50 enemies into the air and kill them.
Lost & Found (Bronze)Collect all G.I. JOE Contacts
Lost Keys (Bronze)Gain access to a Heavy Class Ability door
Lovers’ Quarrel (Bronze)Complete any mission using Baroness and Duke
M.A.S.S. Destruction (Gold)Destroy the M.A.S.S. Device
Man Up (Bronze)Complete a Jungle or Tundra mission without going Man Down
Nimble Access (Bronze)Gain access to a Commando Class Ability door
Side Mission Completist (Bronze)Complete all Sub-operation Missions
Sloppy Joe (Bronze)Achieve the worst rank on a level without going Man Down
Storm Shattered (Silver)Defeat Storm Shadow in all three secret arenas
Strike Commander (Silver)Defeat every wave in all Satellite Strike mini-games
Strike Lieutenant (Bronze)Defeat every wave in one Satellite Strike mini-game
The Tables Have Turned (Bronze)Complete any Arctic, Desert, or Jungle mission using any COBRA character
Triplets (Bronze)Pick up all three types of Point Multipliers in one mission
Turret Syndrome (Bronze)Operate the turret in every vehicle in the game
Yo Joe! (Bronze)Purchase two G.I. JOE contacts