Box art - Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital 1.06 Update Patch Notes

Two Point Hospital 1.06 update patch notes are here. Released back in early August, it already feels like TPH has been and gone with so many other big-name releases clouding our schedule in the latter half of 2018. But, the game’s forums will assure you that these player-made hospitals are still going strong.

Two Point Hospital has enjoyed a number of patches since launch, and the latest tweak to patch 1.06 has brought a few more fixes and customization tools. The original Two Point Hospital 1.06 patch notes have been updated to reflect the minor 1.06.2 patch notes, so separating the old from the new is a little difficult.

Two Point Hospital 1.06 Update Patch Notes

So what has the extensive list of Two Point Hospital 1.06 update patch notes brought us this time around? A quick note from Jo Koehler, a developer on the game, who posted the changelog, starts by saying “it has some AI and stability fixes as well as a few nice little extras, including character customization.” You can obviously take that at face value and hop right into the game if you want, but continue to read through the bulleted list and you’ll get to the specifics.

For a slightly slower, albeit more in-depth reference, character customization according to the Two Point Hospital 1.06 update patch notes means you can now change the outfit color of hospital staff by clicking the hanger icon after clicking a character. You can even change the names of staff, patient, and rooms by clicking their nameplates. And, if you’re getting annoyed by the repetitive drones of the adviser, you can tweak their frequency in the settings menu.

Undocumented optimizations are part of the Two Point Hospital 1.06 update patch notes, too. with Mac players now able to bump up in-game resolutions to properly support retina displays. Without using a command line to disable the resolution limit, however, performance issues mean you’re otherwise locked to sub-1800px verticle resolution options.

You can check out the full Two Point Hospital 1.06 patch notes here.