Box art - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Why Is Black Ops 4 Crashing in Multiplayer and Theater Mode?

There have been widespread reports of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 crashing in Theater and in all of its online modes apart from Blackout. Treyarch’s new game launched today and has been received well so far, but now it seems that it’s suffering from its servers crashing. This seems to be happening most frequently before matches even begin.

Black Ops 4 Crashing in Theater – Why and How to Fix

It seems that on PC and PS4, in particular, all online game modes aside from Blackout are susceptible to crashing either mid-game or before the match even starts. At present, it is unknown as to why such widespread crashing is occurring. There is no way to resume play after a crash, so players will need to restart their application in order to seek a new match. Some users have even reported that restarting their PC doesn’t solve the issue, in which case there is no clear way of fixing the problem at present.

Black Ops 4‘s Theater is crashing, too. Crashes are less consistent here, but are occurring frequently enough for it to be deemed as an issue. This can potentially be fixed by restarting the application, but online modes are effectively offline for the time being, as the server issues are making them absolutely unplayable.

For now, players are better off playing Blackout if they want to play online, as the other modes will continue to crash until Treyarch gets involved. If people aren’t interested in Blackout, the only options are to dive into the game’s offline modes, or to play something else until Treyarch has resolved the issue. This appears to be an issue with the servers and not with the connections of individual players. If Treyarch does manage to roll out a fix, or a user finds a way of preventing the crashing, we’ll be sure to let you know!