Box art - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

How to Skip the Black Ops 4 Intro Movie

How to skip the Black Ops 4 intro movie is a question that’s already been asked dozens of times already upon launch. While Black Ops 4 doesn’t feature a  traditional story campaign mode, there’s still a bit of exposition. Some have taken exception to the nearly three-minute long Black Ops 4 intro movie though. Is there a way to skip the intro? Here’s our guide on how to do so.

Black Ops 4 Intro Movie – What is the Opening Cutscene?

The Black Ops 4 intro movie sets the tone for the game’s story-based mode. It’s naturally stunning to look at, and tries to tug at the heartstrings with the reveal that a little girl’s mother – presumable a Black Ops agent – killed in the line of duty. It’s a poignant opening, but some players can be impatient and just want to get into the game and play it for themselves. So, is there a way for Black Ops 4 players to skip the cutscene and just get on with taking out their foes?

How to Skip the Black Ops 4 Intro Movie

It would appear so, judging by this thread on the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 subreddit. User Lowe5521 has revealed that there’s a simple three-step solution to breeze past the intro movie and get in-game as soon as possible.

For those who want a streamlined version of the step-by-step process, here’s how to skip the Black Ops 4 intro movie. Head to ‘settings’ on the game menu, and make your way to the ‘interface’ tab along the top of the screen. It should be located between ‘graphics’ and ‘audio’. Once there, click on ‘general’ down the left hand side, and make your way down to the ‘skip introduction movie’ option. Check the option to ensure that it’s off, and you’re good to go. You’ll never have to worry about it again.