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Black Ops 4 Blackout Zombies – Where to Find Zombies in Blackout

Although fans all over the world are ecstatic about the return of the popular Zombies game mode, the inclusion of Black Ops 4 Blackout zombies has introduced an exciting feature to the Battle Royale mode. Zombies can appear in certain locations across the map in Blackout, and these formidable foes are well worth taking on if you’ve got what it takes to defeat them. Here’s a guide on where to find zombies in Blackout and the complete Black Ops 4 Blackout Zombies location guide.

Black Ops 4 Blackout Zombies – Where to Find Zombies in Blackout

First of all, it’s important to talk about why zombies are so important in Blackout. Killing zombies will cause them to drop valuable loot, giving players an alternative to searching for items and perks in buildings. Zombies can even drop Ray Guns and Monkey Bombs on occasion, which will give players a massive competitive edge in Blackout.

However, zombies only spawn in certain areas across the map. These areas can be identified by blue beams of light shooting skyward, which warn the weak and invite the strong. Zombies spawn in the following locations:


Predictably, the Asylum is where most of the zombies in Blackout spawn. It’s located on the east side of the map and the area is constituted by an abandoned insane asylum. As well as being packed to the brim with loot-holding zombies, there’s a chance for the Mystery Box to spawn on the second floor here.

Boxing Arena

This venue is situated in the middle of the Fracking Tower, Factory, Turbine, and Rivertown locations. Evidently a boxing venue in past days, the building is now home to a horde of zombies. Its central location allows the player to get in, kill some zombies, nab some loot, and go on their Monkey-Bombing way wherever the wind takes them afterwards.


The diner is situated on the coast, just west of Array and opposite Nuketown Island. This is another location at which the Mystery Box can spawn. However, the Mystery Box is on the roof, so players will need to be quick, lest they get picked off from range, knocking them off the roof and into a swarm of hungry zombies.


Even more predictable than the Asylum. As dead people, it’s only logical to assume that zombies live in graveyards. The graveyard can be found between the Asylum and Turbine locations. The area here is flat and completely open, so players venturing to the graveyard are putting themselves in a vulnerable position. Ideally, players could aim to visit the graveyard early, pick up a Ray Gun, take on the Asylum, and then unleash their arsenal of devastating loot on the rest of the players to the west.


The Lighthouse is located in the south-west of the map. As most players tend to land in more populated areas, the Lighthouse doesn’t see a lot of gunfights. However, it does see a lot of zombies. Players can play a high risk/high reward game by landing here early on, as they can fight uninterrupted with zombies that may or may not drop a powerful Ray Gun.