Black Ops 4 iOS – Is Black Ops 4 on iPhone?

Black Ops 4 iOS is something the gaming world would lap up for sure, but whether it actually exists or not is a cause for debate thanks to both word of mouth and various conflicting internet rumors and reports. A BO4 mobile release date for both Android and iOS would likely send school playgrounds into a frenzy and drastically reduce productivity in office buildings, and there’s a reason Activision’s shooter isn’t doing that right now. Is Black Ops 4 or Blackout Mobile a thing? Here’s what we know.

Black Ops 4 Mobile – Is BO4 on Mobile?

Black Ops 4 mobile simply doesn’t exist. If you’ve Googled the question, you’ve likely come across a few clickbait-style videos on YouTube with cleverly edited screenshots suggesting a mobile port is available.

At a time when major Battle Royale titles like Fortnite and PUBG pushed mobile ports out to capitalize on the portable market, it would make sense for Activision to do the same with its flagship shooter series.

We can’t say for certain that a Black Ops 4 mobile game isn’t coming later down the line, but there’s really nothing to give this rumor any viable credibility just yet. Is it possible that Activision will release Black Ops 4 mobile? Sure. But there’s zero official wording from the publisher to suggest this will happen any time soon.

What you may have come across on your search for the truth, however, is news of a Call of Duty mobile release date. It’s true that Call of Duty mobile will soon be a thing, but it’s not what you think. And just because download sales are on the rise, that doesn’t mean it’s because people are downloading the game to their phone.

Call of Duty mobile is a game made for and released exclusively in China where mobile gaming is far and beyond the biggest platform thanks to numerous restrictions on console gaming that date back through the decades.

Announced back in August, we don’t really know much about Call of Duty mobile itself, never mind whether it’s a battle royale game or a more standard Call of Duty PvP experience. Either way, you’ll likely need to jump through some incredibly difficult hoops to download the title when it releases, and the kind of ping you’ll experience by tapping into the Chinese game servers will make for a pretty unenjoyable competitive experience.

Black Ops 4 iOS – Is Black Ops 4 on the App Store?

Black Ops 4 iOS

Reports of Black Ops 4 being available on the App Store have appeared in force online, as there are many ads popping up on YouTube suggesting that the game has been made available for iOS users.

One particular Black Ops 4 Twitter page has responded to the appearance of these ads, stating that the links contained in them redirect the user to scams. #BlackOps4 quickly became a trending term on the iOS App Store recently, likely due to the curiosity of players more so than anyone else. Third-party sites seem to have made the most of this, arranging for ads that make false claims to draw players toward shady websites.

Although the above Twitter page is not affiliated to Treyarch in any way, it is true that there is categorically no mobile version of Black Ops 4 available, therefore making any claim that the game is available for iOS false. All ads claiming that Black Ops 4 is now available for Android or iOS should be completely avoided for this reason. The only things on the other end of these links are spam and scams. If Black Ops 4 does come to mobile at some point, Treyarch will be sure to announce it themselves.

Simply put, Black Ops 4 mobile isn’t a thing, and the China-only Call of Duty mobile release isn’t going to fix that. Any claims that Black Ops 4 iOS is now available are false and players are advised to steer clear of these at all costs.