Box art - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Is There a Black Ops 4 Gun Game Mode?

It seems that some Call of Duty players are on the lookout for a Black Ops 4 Gun Game Mode. With the latest installment in the FPS franchise taking over peoples’ lives over the past weekend, it would appear that this particular mode is absent from the game. Is there actually a Black Ops 4 gun game mode in the title though, and people just haven’t been able to find it yet?

Black Ops 4 Gun Game Mode – What is Gun Game Mode?

The gun game mode is a multiplayer game type that sees players take each other out with a myriad of guns. Simple enough, right? The aim of the mode is to usually achieve 20 kills to be crowned the winner of the round. Players normally start with a pistol and, with each kill they rack up, their weapon changes. For instance, after one kill you may be given a shotgun, and then after your second kill you get an AK-47. It gives players the chance to try out weapons they may not normally use, which is something different.

If, however, players are killed with a knife, they are set back one weapon. This makes for an intriguing game of cat and mouse as some players may team up on a runaway leader in an effort to set back a weapon or two, and prevent them from winning.

Black Ops 4 Gun Game Mode – Is There One in Black Ops 4?

Sadly not. Some players took to Reddit over the weekend – such as GlobalistTechnocrat – to posit the question in the Black Ops 4 subreddit. The replies they received revealed that there isn’t a Black Ops 4 gun game mode present right now. However, never say never. Treyarch and Activision could elect to patch one into Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 once the initial hype around the game has subsided a bit, and give players new and old a different multiplayer option to play with their mates in.