Box art - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 – How to See My KD

Treyarch has changed the Kill/Death system in Black Ops 4, how do we see our Black Ops 4 KD ratio? Rather than sticking with what has worked for years, Treyarch has decided to change how we can find out KD ratio this time around. Unfortunately, too, it is different in different modes and more hidden than ever before.

Black Ops 4 KD – What has Changed?

In previous Call of Duty games, the kill/death ratio system has been rather simple. You’d find it on the side of your results on any given multiplayer map, and within your overall stats page within the multiplayer options. In Black Ops 4, however, things are different. Assists now count as kills for both players (the one with the assist and with the kill). This means that you’ll likely see higher KD ratios than normal. You can only see your own kills and deaths this time around, too, whereas you could see everyone’s before. The Black Ops 4 KD stats have moved, too.

Black Ops 4 KDHow to See My Kill/Death Ratio in Black Ops 4

Depending on the mode you’re playing, you will see your kill/death ratio appear beneath the overall results of every player, rather than on the side as it was before. This is true for Team Deathmatch and Free-For-All, at least. Remember, though, your Black Ops 4 KD ratio adds assists in as kills, so a ratio under 1.00 is really rather terrible now (as if it wasn’t before).

Finding your overall Black Ops 4 KD ratio is a little complicated, and more hidden than it was before, but you can still find the stat. To find your overall Black Ops 4 kill/death ratio stat, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Head onto Multiplayer
  • Go into Barracks
  • Look over to the far right of the screen, and it’s there, underneath the “Stats” header

Alongside your KD ratio, you’ll also see overall stats for headshots, highest killstreak, score, damage, and healing. Simple enough, really.