Soul Calibur Broken Destiny PSP Cheats

Unlockable Honors

Honors can be viewed in the Records section

Unlockable                   How to Unlock
DaybreakClear all missions up to Chapter 3 in THE GAUNTLET
Elation of ChanceExecute a Throw Escape.
Hidden FiercenessExecute a Throw.
Innocent ArtistCreate a character with no equipment
Loser's LamentWin with a Ring Out.
Painted IllusionTake a photo using frame decorations and backgrounds for thumbnail photographs in CREATION.
Waking ArtCreate your first original character in CREATION

Unlockable Weapons

Unlockable                         How to Unlock
"Broken Destiny" weaponClear The Gauntlet
Additional weaponClear either Trial of Attack or Trial of Defense using the corresponding fighting style

Unlockable Armor

UnlockableHow to Unlock
BandanaGet 50 titles
Deer HeadBeat "The Gauntlet"
Eye PatchGet 50 titles
GriffinBeat "The Gauntlet"
Japanese Eye Patch (female)Get 50 titles
Kittymeow HeadBeat "The Gauntlet"
KomusouGet 50 titles
MinotaurBeat "The Gauntlet"
Prayer BeadsGet 50 titles
Tengu MaskGet 50 titles
Tiger Lily ArmorGet 50 titles
WerewolfBeat "The Gauntlet"