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Black Ops 4 Brazen Bull – How to Build the Shield in IX and Upgrade to Iron Bull

The Brazen Bull is a buildable shield in the Black Ops 4 Zombies IX map. Its parts are scattered across the map, but once you find their locations, you can use a workbench to assemble the shield. Below we answer, “What is the Brazen Bull in BO4,” and how to find its parts, assemble it, and upgrade it to the Iron Bull in the IX Zombies map.

What is the Brazen Bull in BO4 Zombies IX?

The Brazen Bull is a shield that you can assemble in the Black Ops 4 Zombies IX map. To build it, you must find three parts throughout the map and take them to a workbench. Once it’s together, you can buy it for 1,500 points.

The Brazen Bull can block a limited number of enemy attacks and also has the ability to shoot a powerful blast of fireballs that can devastate enemies. Through a convoluted process (which we’ll be covering below) you can upgrade the Brazen Bull to the Iron Bull, which ups the power of the shield and gives it a cool green glow.

Black Ops 4 Brazen Bull Part Locations

To build the Brazen Bull you’ll need to find three parts which can spawn at random in different locations. Fortunately, there are a set amount of areas in which each piece can spawn, so you don’t have to search the whole map each time, just certain spots.

First Brazen Bull Part

Black Ops 4 Zombies IX Brazen Bull First Part

The first part you can get your hands on is in Ra Tower. To locate Ra Tower from where you spawn into the map, go right through the passageway with the two red banners with suns on them hanging over it. You’ll climb a small staircase and enter an Egyptian-themed temple. The part of the shield that looks like a bull’s head can be found in one of three places here:

  • To the right of the staircase.
  • To the left of the staircase in a corner.
  • Against the wall with the Egyptian mural.

Second Brazen Bull Part

Black Ops 4 Zombies IX Brazen Bull Second Part

For the next part, you need to head to Odin Tower. There are several ways to get there, but the most direct from where you get the first part is as follows:

  • Take the stairs down until you reach Ra Tower: Burial Chamber.
  • Unlock the sealed gate nearby.
  • Take a left and go through The Collapsed Tunnel and unlock the gate in the Fallen Hero room.
  • In the next room, you’ll see the workbench. Note its position and stand in front of it.
  • From in front of the workbench, do a 180 turn and move up the stairs.
  • Take an immediate left and head through The Pit.
  • This will lead into Odin Tunnel.
  • Unseal the first door on the left to enter Odin Tower.

The second part of the Brazen Bull can be in one of three places in Odin Tower.

  • In the corner of Odin Tower: Cauldron, near where you enter behind a support beam.
  • Upstairs in Odin Tower: Entrance in a shield rack.
  • Near a wooden barrel in Odin Tower: Entrance.

Third Brazen Bull Part

Black Ops 4 Zombies IX Brazen Bull Third Part

The third Brazen Bull part in Black Ops 4 IX can be found in Zeus Tower. From where you entered Odin Tower, head up the stairs to Odin Tower: Entrance then climb one more flight to Odin Altar Room. Unseal the doorway leading to the bridge and cross over to Zeus Tower.

At Zeus Tower you can find the third and final part in one of three places:

  • At the feet of the statues in the altar area.
  • In Zeus Tower: Entrance near a statue reaching out its hand.
  • In Zeus Tower: Bathhouse (the basement) on a ledge in front of a mural.

How to Craft the Brazen Bull Shield in Black Ops 4 Zombies IX

Blacks Ops 4 Zombies IX Workbench

Once you have all three parts you just need, just retrace your steps back to the workbench. Follow the button prompt to assemble the Brazen Bull and from then on you and your teammates have the option to purchase it for 1,500 points.

The Brazen Bull comes with a sword and is probably the best weapon available in this map. It’s incredibly strong, and can down regular enemies with one swing. If you hold the aim button down and fire, you’ll use the Brazen Bull’s secondary mode, which is a powerful stream of fireballs. If you run out of fireballs or your shield gets too damaged, you can go back to the workbench and repair and restock it at any time for 250 points.

How to Upgrade the Brazen Bull into the Iron Bull in Black Ops 4 Zombies IX

The mighty Brazen Bull can be upgraded into an even more OP form called the Iron Bull. The process to do this is pretty convoluted, so you’ll want to study this guide carefully before you attempt it.

To get the Iron Bull you’ll need to grab three more items hidden in the level. Unfortunately, this process seems like it might be a bit bugged, so it’s even harder than it probably has to be.

Solve the Bull Head Puzzle

Black Ops 4 Zombies IX Bull Head Locations

Your first step to upgrading the Brazen Bull is to return to the Zeus Tower Altar Room. Once in the room, you need to find three bull heads and shoot them with the Brazen Bull’s fireballs.

The bull head locations are:

  • One bull head is on the ceiling on one of the squares.
  • Another bull head is on the face of a pillar. From where you enter the room from the stairs, look to your right, and it’ll be on the second column from the left.
  • The final bull head is above the purple banner on the wall opposite from the Zeus perk statue.

You’ll know you’ve activated a bull head correctly when its eyes glow red. Once you hit all three, you’ll hear a sound.

Getting the Three Invisible Brazen Bull Upgrade Items

Now you need to get three invisible items. These items won’t appear in your inventory and have no model to show you what they are.

Getting the First Invisible Iron Bull Upgrade Item

Black Ops 4 Zombies IX Iron Bull First Invisible Part

To get the first item, go to the basement, and head to the location called The Temple. It has a large stone statue in the middle surrounded by spikes. Above the statue, in the ceiling, you’ll see one tile that seems to be sparkling. Shoot it, and something (maybe glass) will drop to the floor. Walk over to it and pick it up.

Now is the part of the quest that seems bugged. Before you can pick up the next item, you need to die and bleed out. Do so, and when you respawn for the next round, you can continue your quest.

Getting the Second Invisible Iron Bull Upgrade Item

Black Ops 4 Zombies IX Iron Bull Second Invisible Part

Now that you’ve died and respawned, you can get the second upgrade item. Head underground and go to the entrance of Zeus Tower. Across from the entrance is a statue that has had its head and arm chopped off next to a sculpture of a spearman. Step in front of the statue and look around on the ground and you’ll find a prompt to pick something up. This is the second invisible item.

Now you need to die and respawn again.

Getting the Third Invisible Iron Bull Upgrade Item

Black Ops 4 Zombies IX Iron Bull Third Invisible Part

Okay, now you’re done dying. You can get the third item by heading to the Fallen Hero room. By the entrance to the room, you’ll see a puddle. If you look near this puddle just right you’ll get another prompt telling you that you can pick something up. Do so, and you’ll be ready to upgrade the Brazen Bull.

How to Craft the Iron Bull Shield in Black Ops 4 Zombies IX

Black Ops 4 Iron Bull Shield

Once you have the three invisible items, you just need to return to the workbench. You’ll get the option to upgrade to the Iron Bull. This version of the shield is ever more powerful and takes on a green, fiery hue when you kill enemies. It may be possible that the shield can be upgraded further or that there are other puzzles that can be solved with it. However, we’re still looking and haven’t found anything yet.