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Champions Online PC Cheats

Steam Achievements

Unlockable                                        How to Unlock
AdamantYou've taken 500,000,000 damage and are an adamant example of heroism
Aegir Master DiverComplete all of the Aegir Diver Perks as well as all Lemuria exploration perks
AngelHeal 500,000,000 damage in PvP
Apocalypse ChampionshipWin 250 Apocalypse: Stronghold matches
Apocalypse Silver BeltWin 50 Apocalypse: Stronghold matches
As Seen on T.V.Play in 1000 Hero Games matches
B.A.S.H. ChampionshipWin 75 Battle Arena Super Heroes matches
B.A.S.H. Silver BeltWin 20 Battle Arena Super Heroes matches
Bleak Minion TriumphDefeat 5000 Bleak Minions
BuccaneerDefeat 5000 Pirate Ghosts
BugzapperDefeat 5000 Qularr
CabelleroDefeat 5000 Burnside Ghosts
Canada: CartographerExplore all of the map and find all of the respawn points in Canada
Canada: ExplorerExplore all Canadian neighborhoods
Canada: Spawn CamperFind all Respawns in Canada
Captain AhabDefeat 5000 Sea Creatures
CEODefeat 5000 Argent
CorsairDefeat 1000 Pirate Nemesis Minions
CowpuncherDefeat 5000 Cowboy Robots
Crowns of Krim LoremasterBecome an expert on The Crowns of Krim
Dai-GensuiDefeat 1000 Ninja Nemesis Minions
Danger MagnetReceive 50,000,000 damage in PvP
DangerousDeal 50,000,000 damage in PvP
DeadlyDeal 1,000,000,000 damage in PvP
Dean of WormersDefeat 5000 Elder Worms
Deep PurpleDefeat 5000 New Purple Gang Members
Demolition ManDestroy 25000 Objects
Demon TriumphDefeat 5000 Demons
Desert: CartographerFind all neighborhoods and respawn points in the desert
Desert: ExplorerExplore all Desert neighborhoods
Desert: Spawn CamperFind all Respawns in the Desert
Destroyer Robot TriumphDefeat 5000 Dr. Destroyer Robots
DoppelgangerDefeat 5000 Teleioclones
Dr. Destroyer LoremasterBecome an expert on Dr. Destroyer
DroogieDefeat 5000 Black Ace Gang Members
Easy RiderDefeat 5000 Cobra Lord Gang Members
Empyrean Construct TriumphDefeat 5000 Empyrean Constructs
End of LineDefeat 1000 Robot Nemesis Minions
ExecutionerDefeat 5000 Escaped Prisoners
Exploding CigarDefeat 5000 FoxBattle Bots
ExterminatorDefeat 1000 Insectoid Nemesis Minions
FelonDefeat 100 NPCs in Apocalypse: Stronghold
FireproofDefeat 1000 Infernal Nemesis Minions
GeneralDefeat 1000 Soldier Nemesis Minions
Ghost BusterDefeat 5000 Evil Spirits
GladiatorDefeat 10000 Players in PvP
Great Demon TriumphDefeat 5000 Great Demon Minions
Hatchling TriumphDefeat 5000 Teleiosaurus Hatchlings
HeavyweightDefeat 1000 Players in PvP
HellraiserDefeat 5000 DEMON
HerpetologistDefeat 1000 Lizardmen Nemesis Minions
Historian: CanadaFind and investigate the historical objects in each neighborhood of Canada
Historian: DesertResearch the history of notable Desert sites
Historian: LemuriaResearch the history of notable Lemurian sites
Historian: Millennium CityResearch the history of notable Millennium City sites
Historian: Monster IslandFind and investigate the historical objects in each neighborhood of Monster Island
HooliganDefeat 1000 Thug Nemesis Minions
Istvatha V'Han LoremasterBecome an expert on Istvatha V'Han
Kings of Edom LoremasterBecome an expert on The Kings of Edom
KomodoDefeat 5000 Lemurians
Lemuria: CartographerEnter all neighborhoods and find all respawn points in Lemuria
Lemuria: ExplorerExplore all Lemuria neighborhoods
Lemuria: Spawn CamperDiscover all Respawn Points in Lemuria
Lemurian Sub TriumphDefeat 5000 Lemurian Submarines
Lightning RodReceive 1,000,000,000 damage in PvP
MakoDefeat 5000 Karkaradon
Manimal TriumphDefeat 5000 Man Animal Hybrids
Mech WarriorDefeat 5000 Bureau 17 Robots
Mechanon LoremasterBecome an expert on Mechanon
MigraineDefeat 5000 PSI
Millennium CIty: CartographerExplore all neighborhoods and find all the respawn points in Millennium City
Millennium City: ExplorerExplore all neighborhoods in Millennium City
Millennium City: Spawn CamperFind all Respawns Points in Millennium City
Monster Island: CartographerClear all of the map and find all respawn points on Monster Island
Monster Island: ExplorerExplore all Monster Island Neighborhoods
Monster Island: Spawn CamperFind all Respawns in Monster Island
MountieDefeat 5000 Hunter-Patriots
NeptuneDefeat 5000 Aquatic Lemurians
Netherdemon TriumphDefeat 5000 Nether Demons
ObliteratorYou've dealt 500,000,000 damage
Open Mission: Bullet Bound for BiselleYou've thwarted VIPER's plans and Saved Mayor Biselle
Open Mission: Cleaning up the 'HoodYou've cleaned up the garbage in Westside
Open Mission: Destroids Rise AgainYou've thwarted the Destroid uprising in Millennium City
Open Mission: Jailbreak!You've stopped the Jailbreak in Millennium City
Open Mission: Trumping the SharkYou've defeated the Flying Dutchman
Park RangerDefeat 5000 Contaminated Wildlife
Pay-per-view StarPlay in 250 Hero Games matches
Pet CemetaryDefeat 5000 Pets
Prison Guard TriumphDefeat 5000 Prison Guards
ProsecutorDefeat 5000 Prisoners
Psych WardDefeat 5000 Maniac Gang Members
Rift RunnerSwim the entire length of the lava rift in Rastrinfhar's Abyss
RipleyDefeat 1000 Alien Nemesis Minions
ShaolinDefeat 5000 Cult of the Red Banner
SheriffDefeat 1000 Cowboy Nemesis Minions
Smooth CriminalDefeat 500 NPCs in Apocalypse: Stronghold
Snake CharmerDefeat 5000 Viper
Special CircuitWin 500 Hero Games matches
SurgeonHeal 25,000,000 damage in PvP
Surgeon GeneralYou've healed 50,000,000 damage
Teleios LoremasterBecome an expert on Teleios
The ExorcistDefeat 1000 Demon Nemesis Minions
Toad WarriorDefeat 5000 Gadroons
Towering InfernoDefeat 5000 Fire Demons
U.T.C. ChampionshipWin 250 Ultimate Tournament of Champions matches
U.T.C. Silver BeltWin 50 Ultimate Tournament of Champions matches
Urban LegendDefeat 5000 Corrupted Bigfoot
Van HelsingDefeat 1000 Undead Nemesis Minions
Vanquish Bleak ElderYou have defeated Bleak Elder
Vanquish BloodstoneYou have defeated Bloodstone
Vanquish Bronze KingYou have defeated the Bronze King
Vanquish BusterYou have defeated Buster
Vanquish BuzzardYou have defeated Buzzard
Vanquish Clyde Von SchoultzYou have defeated Clyde Von Schoultz
Vanquish DarkmoonYou have defeated Darkmoon
Vanquish DiamondbackYou have defeated Diamondback
Vanquish DirectorYou have defeated Director
Vanquish Dr. DestroyerYou have defeated Dr. Destroyer
Vanquish Dr. Dino DemogaardYou have defeated Dr. Dino Demogaard
Vanquish Dr. MoreauYou have defeated Dr. Moreau
Vanquish Escaped Qularr SwamlordYou have defeated Escaped Qularr Swamlord
Vanquish FoxbatYou have defeated Foxbat
Vanquish Giant DestroidYou have defeated Giant Destroid
Vanquish GrondYou have defeated Grond
Vanquish Hyena SwineYou have defeated Hyena Swine
Vanquish Hyrg CoruscatorYou have defeated Hyrg Coruscator
Vanquish Kevin PoeYou have defeated Kevin Poe
Vanquish Khusor the CrookedYou have defeated Khusor the Crooked
Vanquish KigatilikYou have defeated Kigatilik
Vanquish LeechYou have defeated Leech
Vanquish LeviathanYou have defeated Leviathan
Vanquish MechanisteYou have defeated Mechaniste
Vanquish MechassassinYou have defeated Mechassassin
Vanquish Mega-TerakYou have defeated Mega-Terak
Vanquish MegalodonYou have defeated Megalodon
Vanquish MentonYou have defeated Menton
Vanquish Mind SlayerYou have defeated Mind Slayer
Vanquish Mind-controlled BruteYou have defeated Mind-controlled Brute
Vanquish NeanderthalYou have defeated Neanderthal
Vanquish NecrullYou have defeated Necrull
Vanquish Nest Leader TadatakaYou have defeated Nest Leader Tadataka
Vanquish Paul JohnstonYou have defeated Paul Johnston
Vanquish PSImonYou have defeated PSImon
Vanquish QwyjiboYou have defeated Qwyjibo
Vanquish Rampaging TeleioraptorYou have defeated Rampaging Teleioraptor
Vanquish RedstoneYou have defeated Redstone
Vanquish RipperYou have defeated Ripper
Vanquish SlugYou have defeated Slug
Vanquish Steel CommandoYou have defeated Steel Commando
Vanquish StingrayYou have defeated Stingray
Vanquish TachyonYou have defeated Tachyon
Vanquish TalismanYou have defeated Talisman
Vanquish Teleiosaurus HatchlingYou have defeated Teleiosaurus Hatchling
Vanquish the Ghost Pirate ShipYou have defeated the Ghost Pirate Ship
Vanquish The MawYou have defeated The Maw
Vanquish TilingkootYou have defeated Tilingkoot
Vanquish Ultimate MindYou have defeated Ultimate Mind
Vanquish Vikorin the BlindYou have defeated Vikorin the Blind
Vanquish Viper XYou have defeated Viper X
Vanquish White RhinoYou have defeated White Rhino
Vanquish WindfistYou have defeated Windfist
Vanquish ZarnYou have defeated Zarn
Vanquished ArmadilloYou have defeated Armadillo
Vanquished Ascii OakleyYou have defeated Ascii Oakley
Vanquished Black TalonYou have defeated Black Talon
Vanquished Captain ClawYou have defeated Captain Claw
Vanquished Dr. Timothy BlankYou have defeated Dr. Timothy Blank
Vanquished EclipseYou have defeated Eclipse
Vanquished FerdYou have defeated Ferd
Vanquished GaleforceYou have defeated Galeforce
Vanquished GigatonYou have defeated Gigaton
Vanquished Hanging Judge HensleyYou have defeated Hanging Judge Hensley
Vanquished Lionel BenjaminYou have defeated Lionel Benjamin
Vanquished Major GertzYou have defeated Major Gertz
Vanquished RakshasaYou have defeated Rakshasa
Vanquished Roman StepanovYou have defeated Roman Stepanov
Vanquished The Bronze KingYou have defeated The Bronze King
VIPER LoremasterBecome an expert on VIPER's plans and operations
WardenDefeat 1000 Convicts Nemesis Minions
WMDDefeat 5000 Irradiates
World CircuitWin 125 Hero Games matches