Box art - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 Use Any Reticle With Any Sight Bug

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has launched and understandably, there are a few cobwebs in the code allowing bugs to gather, but the Black Ops 4 reticle bug at least has a positive effect on the game. Rather than kicking you out of a match, or forcing the game to freeze, the reticle bug allows you to use any reticle with any sight in Black Ops 4. How can you make this happen? Read on to find out.

Black Ops 4 Reticle Bug – What Is the Reticle and Sight Bug?

The reticle and sight bug in Black Ops 4 is a useful little tool, especially if you don’t like the designs of the first reticle you unlock. Essentially, once you’ve applied this bug, you’ll be able to use any reticle on any weapon sight you have unlocked. It works if you have any weapon sight fully upgraded. Unfortunately, it’s not an amazingly simple bug to make use of, so you’ll have to bear with us as we explain it.

Black Ops 4 Reticle Bug – How to Unlock the Reticle Bug

This bug found by Reddit user Garridan2508 is a little complicated to pull off, but once you do, it can be quite useful You’ll need to follow these steps in order to use any reticle with any sight:

  • Fully upgrade any Weapon Sight
  • Equip any of the Reticles you have unlocked (not the first one)
  • Switch to a different Weapon Sight
  • You should now have access to all reticles for this sight

Garridan2508 for example “switched from a fully upgraded reflex sight with the pincer reticle (the 500 kill unlock, slot 5), and then started upgrading [their] holographic sight.” Once they did this, they was able to choose any reticle for the holographic sight. This includes all of the slot 5 reticles that are normally hidden behind unlocks such as number of kills. They say that it “does not matter which gun or optics you choose, whichever slot you select on your unlocked weapon sight will automatically be available for you when you switch to a new weapon sight.”

Be warned, however, that if you switch back to your original sight, you won’t be able to use any reticle on that particular sight, only the ones you switch to. No matter, even if you try this just once, it sounds like a decent way of figuring out what sight and reticle combo works best for you.