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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Bottomless Lake

Some of the most fun parts in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey are the various hidden mysteries you can find, such as the riddles you can discover in Ainigmata Ostraka tablets all around the Ancient Greek world. One of the earliest riddles you can find in the game is the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Bottomless Lake quest, which you can use to find some excellent loot. But where can you get this riddle, and how is it solved? We’ve got the answers.

Where is the Melissani Cave Ainigmata Ostraka?

The Bottomless Lake riddle can be found and solved on the starting island of Kephallonia, so you can get all its bonuses right at the beginning of the game. The Ainigmata Ostraka tablet containing the riddle is in the Melissani Cave, which is marked on your map in the north-east of the island, just to the north of Sami village. The cave is one big hole in the ground, so dive in to the lake below and use Ikaros to search for and tag the tablet. Then grab it. It’ll be next to a chest so loot that too.

Where to Find the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Bottomless Lake

The riddle goes like this: “Taking the plunge? Everyone on the island thinks this is the deepest dive, but there is a lake in the Coast of Koliadai that is rumored to be bottomless. If you are able to dive as far as the woman in marble, you will be able to claim me.”

If you check your map, the Coast of Koliadai is directly to the south. Right in the center of the region is a small circular lake. This is actually the only lake on the island, so it has to be here. Head to this lake, which is called Lake Abythos, and take a dive. Don’t worry, it’s not bottomless, despite the riddle and the rumors.

Before you hit the bottom, you’ll spot a statue of a woman. She has your reward in her hand, so quickly grab it. It’s a weapon Engraving, which will give you +10% crit damage while you’re at full health, which is pretty good. It’s not part of the riddle, but continue down to the bottom of the lake and you’ll find a lot of loot, including some nice armor. Pretty worth it for such an early challenge!