Box art - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 Emblem Tutorial – How to Change Emblems

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is out now and there’s plenty to do in it, with multiple modes to play such as the epic battle royale Blackout. However, one of the more subtle things you can do, along with customizing your character, is making your own emblems to use with the returning Black Ops Emblem Editor. In our straightforward Black Ops 4 Emblem Tutorial, we’ll show you where the editor is and how to get started.

How to Change Emblems in Black Ops 4

The Emblem Editor is easy to find, but it’s a little hidden in the menus of Black Ops 4 so we can understand why anyone would overlook it. Either go to Options in the main menu or click the Option button on your PS4 controller (or the Xbox/PC equivalent), then select the “Identity” tab. Here you can choose emblems, customize weapon paint-jobs, choose your Calling Cards or Clan Tags, and immediately on the left is the Emblem Editor. Select that, and get to making your own emblem.

Basic Black Ops 4 Emblem Tutorial

There are an incredible amount of options available in the Emblem Editor, so it can all be certainly overwhelming. Here’s some tips to get you started, plus what each of the various tabs offer in the editor.

  • Custom vs Default: your first choice in the Emblem Editor. “Default” allows you to take any of the standard emblems in the game and change them however you want, which might be a good one to start with. With “Custom” you start from scratch.
  • Have an idea in mind first: While it’s totally fine to just go in the editor and start messing around, it’ll be a lot easier if you decide on what emblem you would like to make first before you get started. Then you have something to aim for.
  • You make emblems in layers: Similar to Photoshop, you create emblems in layers,meaning you make your picture a piece at a time. You can bring the layer forward or back, copy a layer, move it or change its size, link layers, or cut one altogether. Choose an empty layer to get started.
  • Icons: There are many, many icons to choose from, in fact there are around 176. You’ll recognize most of them from Call of Duty history. They’ll probably be the center of your emblem, if you want them to be.
  • Stickers and Sticker Sets: More colorful ones, and there’s only a few of these so far. Icons stand out better.
  • Tools: The real center of the Emblem Editor. You can choose from many shapes, backgrounds, letters, or patterns, and change all their sizes, colors, etc. You can basically create any picture you can imagine with these tools, combined with layers. Have at it!