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Hearthstone Update 12.3 Patch Notes – Aviana, Giggling Inventor, and Mana Wyrm Nerfed

Hearthstone Update 12.3 is the next patch to hit the game, and it’s a relatively minor one, at least on paper. Patch 12.3 has the potential to give the Hearthstone meta a shakeup though, as the three cards getting nerfed have been quite popular. Below we’ll tell you which cards are getting nerfed in Hearthstone Patch 12.3, and how it may affect you.

Hearthstone Update 12.3 Patch Notes: Aviana, Giggling Inventor, and Mana Wyrm Get Nerfed

Three cards are receiving notable nerfs in update 12.3. Aviana, Giggling Inventor, and Mana Wyrm will all cost more mana to summon once Hearthstone patch 12.3 goes live.

The mana increases are:

  • Aviana: Goes from 9 to 10 mana to summon.
  • Giggling Inventor: An increase from 1 to 2 mana to summon.
  • Mana Wyrm: Will go from 9 to 10 mana to summon.

Hearthstone Update 12.3 Patch Notes Giggling Inventor

These changes are to address several recent trends in the meta. For Standard, Giggling Inventor has been a staple in Druid, Odd Warrior, and Quest Rogues decks and the increase in mana cost seeks to push players to diversify their decks more. Since Giggling Inventor is neutral, there’s no risk involved in playing it, so at 5 mana to summon it was a bit OP. The summon increase may not push it out of the meta entirely, but we’re likely to see a lot less of it after 12.3

Hearthstone Update 12.3 Patch Notes Mana Wyrm

Mana Wyrm has been an overly powerful 1-drop since its debut, and the mana increase of this card is just Blizzard finally addressing player complaints. With the mana increase, players won’t be able to drop Mana Wyrm and buff it early on, which should level the playing field a bit.

Hearthstone Update 12.3 Patch Notes Aviana

Aviana’s change is mostly aimed towards Hearthstone‘s Wild format crowd. The Aviana and Kun the Forgotten King combo has been overspammed, and Blizzard is smacking those who rely on it too much with a little extra mana cost to discourage overuse. This might tone down the number of people using Druid decks that some players consider cheap.

The Hearthstone 12.3 update is scheduled to hit the game on October 18 according to the official site, so get prepared for the new meta in the time you have left.