YouTube Down | There was a problem with the server 503 error

YouTube is down, with users being met with the error message: ‘There was a problem with the server [503].’ The error is causing videos to be stuck on loading, forcing users to a black screen, or preventing them from accessing the site altogether. So why is YouTube down and offline, and when will it be back up?

Why is YouTube down?

YouTube is down due to a technical error that is being resolved by the company, with the 503 error message informing users that there is an issues with its servers.

Team YouTube has already tweeted about the problem, saying that it is “aware of the issue” and is working on a fix.

DownDetector, a website that detects if websites are down, is showing multiple regions with difficulties globally. These include the U.S., U.K., and other worldwide countries.

#YouTubeDown has also been trending on Twitter, with users reporting various issues with the site. Just searching “YouTube down” leads to many different people talking about the outage. YouTube is a big site so problems like this are bound to be felt by a lot of people. Over a billion people use the site per month, after all.

When will YouTube be back up?

YouTube is working on a fix, with it reassuring users that it will follow up when it has any updates about the ongoing situation. As the company is aware of the issue, it is presumed that it won’t take long until a fix is deployed.

The video-sharing company is currently after business hours at YouTube HQ so it is likely its full staff is not present to deal with this issue. It is not clear when this will be resolved, though frequent YouTuber users should not have to wait long until a solution is rolled out. In the meantime, users can stay up to date on Twitter with the situation.