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Black Ops 4 Acoustic Sensor vs Dead Silence

We’re deep into Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s first week and players are discovering more and more about the game such as the Black Ops 4 Acoustic Sensor and Black Ops 4 Dead Silence. What is the Acoustic Sensor? How can we combat it? What about the Dead Silence Gear? What does it do and what can we do to stop it? We’ve done the legwork, so you don’t have to.

Black Ops 4 Acoustic Sensor vs Dead Silence – What are They?

Dead Silence is a perk that you can find lying about in Blackout, or that you’ll need to unlock in Multiplayer. It’s a little different in both modes, so bear with us here. In Multiplayer, Dead Silence allows you to “move quietly and resist detection from Acoustic Sensor.” You’ll need to level up to Level 18 before unlocking it, however. In Blackout, meanwhile, Dead Silence lets us move silently for four minutes while making less noise when opening stashes, to boot. The Acoustic Sensor is a bit of gear that you can find in Blackout or unlock in Multiplayer (you’ll have it unlocked by Level 9, so you can get hold of it pretty quickly). It makes enemy movements easier to hear in both modes, but in Blackout it will also trigger any mini-map indications.

Both the Acoustic Sensor Gear and Dead Silence Perk are useful bits of kit for anyone in Multiplayer or Blackout, but they can be annoying to go against. Below we’ve listed some ways of combating the two.

Black Ops 4 Acoustic Sensor Counter

Black Ops 4 Acoustic Sensor

The best way to counter the Acoustic Sensor is by having the Dead Silence Perk equipped. It even mentions this in the Dead Silence listing. There are other ways of combating the Acoustic Sensor, too. If you have Tracker equipped, or use Sensor Darts, you’ll find people using the Acoustic Sensor in no time.

Black Ops 4 Dead Silence Counter

Black Ops 4 Dead Acoustic Sensor Dead Silence

The Dead Silence Perk is a tricky one to counter. One way of going about it would be to increase the footstep noise in Black Ops 4. It just so happens that we’ve written an extensive guide on how to make this happen. We’d highly recommend you check that out. Sensor Darts, Tracker, and Vision Pulse will help you find enemies equipped with Dead Silence.